10 Common Signs That Show Your Man is Cheating on You

So you’re dating this great guy and he’s the best thing since sliced bread. Things might be going smoothly at first but somewhere along the line, something just seems off, maybe you’re overreacting or it’s just your gut instincts.

Here are a few signs to watch out for if you’re suspecting that your man is cheating on you.

       1. He hardly texts/calls back

This might seem like a minor thing especially when the guy keeps saying he’s not the ‘phone’ type or giving other “off” excuses. How is he supposed to communicate if he isn’t the phone type? using a pigeon? oh please! This is not just about text but any form of communication. If he is becoming lazy about keeping in touch, then his attention has been diverted.

      2. He suddenly cares more about his appearance

A guy is meant to be well groomed no doubt but if you’ve been together for a while, then you know his basic routine. If he suddenly adds a lot more effort when he is going out with ‘friends’ and not as much on your dates, something is up.

      3. He goes out more

Every couple need their space and alone time once in a while. However, if your man always suddenly makes more plans that do not involve you, then they involve someone else that you don’t want to know about. Pay attention to that ‘I am hanging out with a friend’ moments.

      4. He becomes too protective of his phone

I am a firm believer of privacy and under no circumstance should you go snooping in your partner’s phone, you just might find what you are looking for. In this case however, the title changes matter. If he leaves your side to answer a strange call or blocks his phones while he is texting beside you, then he might be hiding something.

      5. He doesn’t show you off at all

Most people attribute this to social media but that is just one part. It’s always nice once in a while for him to put your picture up, might not have all the love messages but just an acknowledgement. Also, when you go out, does he avoid being together with you? He might be trying to show that he’s not taken. Maybe he just hates PDAs, who knows?

      6. He lashes out at you

I mean some girls act in ways that can infuriate even the holiest of saints sometimes. This and several other reasons can often lead to provocation in a relationship. However, if he picks a fight with you for the slightest reason, he might be looking for a way to break up

      7. Lies a lot

This might be hasty generalization but if he lies for the slightest, inconsequential things, then he might be lying about being in love and dating just you as well.

      8. He doesn’t initiate intimacy

This is important in relationship and I’m not talking about having sex. I’m talking about other forms of intimacy that matter in every healthy relationship. If he doesn’t hold your hand or kiss your forehead like he usually does, then he is becoming cut off.

      9. He backs out of plans without reason

There is nothing as demoralizing as changing plans last minute without giving the person a good reason about why you did so. If he does this way more than you can count, then he doesn’t see you as important in his life anymore.

     10. You never really know where he is

Couples feel the need to tell each other their location throughout the day especially if it is out of the ordinary (like going to see a colleague after work). If you call him up and he cant tell you plainly where he is, then he is somewhere he shouldn’t be (note that he might lie about that as well).

Bottom line is know you man well enough to know when things don’t add up. If you find out that some things don’t add up, take up the courage and confront your man about it. There is no need to hold on to a relationship that isn’t reciprocal.

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