10 Most Hated Mathematics Topics

It is general knowledge that mathematics is arguably the most hated subject by students of all levels. Now, while that has become a generally accepted fact, what remains quite unknown is the most hated mathematics topics. Well, if you are wondering what the most hated mathematics topics are then you are on the right page. Contained in this article are 10 of the most hated topics in mathematics. If you are currently studying any of this topics or will do in the future, then it is important to know how dreaded they are. With this, you can give them just the right amount of attention.

The 10 most hated mathematics topics are;


If a 100 students are asked why they hate statistics, a 100 different answer might come up. However, if these 100 different answers are looked at very closely, they all might mean one thing; “unfathomable”. Yes, a lot of students consider statistics to be very unfathomable. Unlike very regular mathematics which is supposed to have one right answer, statistics do not always depend on a right answer. Rather, it depends on the closest answer. That, however, is not all the problem that students have with statistics. Only very few people know the real applications of statistics in real life. As a result of this, lots of people treat it with complete disinterest.


At first glance, probability definitely does look interesting. Now, the truth is probability does not just look interesting, it really is very interesting until it starts getting really complex. With probability, you just are not allowed to trust your guts. Also, what you think the right answer is could just be very far from what the answer really is and since there is no real straightforward method to go about solving probability questions, you might never get it right at advanced levels if you lack the needed patience.

Ordinary Differential Equation

Ordinary differential equations is a topic in mathematics that a lot of people look forward to with keen interest. However, after the first few days of sitting in an ODE class, only a handful of students maintain the interest with which they anticipated the class. The other set of students get to a conclusion that ODE is dry. This is because, until the first day of class, a lot of students believe they will be learning some very beautiful concepts. However, most are usually very disappointed when they are faced with what they consider unmemorable tricks.

Real Analysis

Real Analysis to a very large extent is considered one of the most difficult mathematics topic at undergraduate level. It is usually considered a chasm of some sort. Real Analysis separates the real mathematics gurus from those that want to be considered math gurus but really are not. Now, this is where the problem lies; not everyone is a math guru. However, everyone doing real analysis is expected to pass it.

Real analysis is a topic in mathematics that does not have anything to do with solving problems. Rather, it is all about proofs. If you have ever tried proving anything in mathematics, then you will agree with me that it was not a path void of many hurdles.


Algebra in itself might be considered an easy topic in mathematics. Nevertheless, a lot of students have developed a hatred for it. Now, it might be surprising that lots and lots of students dislike algebra regardless of the fact that it is not considered a difficult topic. Well, the truth is; the major problem is not with algebra but with the approach to learning it. Two of the major problems lots of students have with algebra are the fact that they memorize steps and also the idea that they do not need it and therefore do not give it attention.


Matrix is not one of the popular math topics at the junior level. However, at senior and undergrad level, it is a topic that everyone that does mathematics has to go through. Usually, at the beginning of a class on matrix, there are two sets of people;

Those that understand the basic concepts and

Those that have no idea of what is going on in class.

As the class progresses, even those that quite understood it at the beginning might begin to feel helpless.

Differential Geometry

Differential Geometry is very much unlike your regular mathematics.  It involves a little bit of everything and that is definitely a reason to hate it. Reason being; if you must understand differential geometry then you should understand a little of a lot of different math concept. Apart from the fact that this topic requires that you to understand a little of everything, it also comes with a lot of definitions. Now, if you are neck deep into mathematics, then you should be fully aware that no one in a mathematics class loves definitions.


Geometry is one of the most misunderstood topics in mathematics. Although it might be quite interesting to individuals that have great spatial reasoning skills, those with not too good spatial reasoning skills have a big hatred for it. Also, one other reason why geometry is very much hated is because it is very unlike other topics in mathematics. As a result of this, if you cannot relate it to anything you know, it might be very difficult to fully comprehend what it is all about.

Permutations and Combinations

Apart from the fact that mistakes are easily made with permutations and combinations, it is considered by a lot of students to be time consuming. Even more annoying is the fact that it gets more complex as one delves deeper. Now, if one is not able to understand the basic concepts at the beginning of study, then all chances of getting to understand it might be lost forever.

Complex Numbers

Complex numbers is a topic in mathematics that is quite easy to understand if given proper attention. However, if one fails to understand it initially, then it will make no sense. One other major reason this topic is hated is the fact that it is very abstract.

Now that you are aware of the most hated mathematics topics, you can either choose to avoid those that are avoidable and give maximum attention to those that are not.

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