10 Signs That Show He Loves You Madly

When we were teenagers, we used to believe in Hollywood romantic movies. When the love is romantic, passionate and things are just bad enough to make the love interesting. When we got older, we realized that Hollywood love is not the real love life standard and also not the ideal setup. Being in love with someone and they don’t love you back can be the scariest thing in the world.

Men are emotional beings, they feel things that women feel too and it is normal for them to feel have the butterfly feelings the same women feel when they are in love way, but it is not the nature of men to express themselves when it comes to relationships, and they love to think of  themselves as unpredictable.

However, here are some signs that he is madly in love with you:

1 He loves the things that you do

If you notice that nothing brings him much joy than doing the things that you love, then know that he is into you. His constant need to be in the same place with you every time because he enjoys your company and wants to share beautiful moments with you should give you a hint that he’s in love with you.

2 When he wants to know everything about you

When a guy wants to know everything about you and feels comfortable being with you and wants to share his world with you, he is always eager to discover new things about you, he listens to you and remembers every little details about you. This is because he is deeply in love with you.

3 When he feels responsible towards you

This is another sign that you should look out for. If he is in love with you, his attitudes towards your physical and emotional need will show it. He will feel that it is his responsibility to care and provide for you. This may be the first thing you will notice, because, some men may not have the courage to confess their feelings for you in order to avoid being rejected. He also becomes very protective of you, and wouldn’t want harm to come to you, because he cares deeply about you. When you notice this sign, be rest assured that he is madly in love with you.

4 When he is excited for you to meet his close friends and family

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Not all guys will be eager to introduce their partners to their close friends and family, especially when they are not sure about the women they are involved with. When he introduces you to his close friends and family, be rest assured that he sure of you and wants to build a future with you.

5 He forgives you for almost everything

When a man loves you deeply, he will always have a forgiving attitude towards you. Not because he is immune to pains but because, he would rather bear the pains that to be separated away from you.

6 When he trusts you

When he tells you very private things about himself, does not feel the need to go through your phones or belonging and does not investigate everything that you do, it means he trusts you. If he comes to you when he is sad, overwhelmed, happy, frustrated, it is an important sign that he is madly in love with you. Men talk to women they trust about their deep, private, sensitive issues.

7 When he asks for your advice on decisions

It will be weird if your partner, for instance, decides to buy a property without talking about it with you first. When they do that, they are only being inconsiderate and a vital sign that they are not into you. But they ask, listen and consider your input first before making a big decision, it is a huge sign that they are deeply in love with you.

8 When he showers you with lots of affection

This is not just about sex. Affection doesn’t have to always be about sex. There are lots of couple who engage in sex but they don’t have affection for each other. When you have sex with him and you don’t feel cared for, loved, present or heard, there is definitely no affection.  You’re definitely loved when he showers you with affection, when he cuddles you, he puts his arms around you and touch the small of your back, while you look into each other’s eyes as the world fades away, I am talking giving each other that ‘look’ you literally cannot get enough of. Affection is a major thing for a guy who is truly in love with a woman. He cannot get enough of being close, connected and intimate with his woman. When you notice this sign, know he is madly in love with you.

9 When he respects you

When he respects you and wouldn’t degrade you in public or talk down on you, when he respects your views even when he doesn’t agree with it, then he is in love with you. Mutual respect is key when it comes to building a solid relationship and this sign is something you should look out for.

10 When he uses ‘we’ instead of ‘I’

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When your man uses the ‘we’ on most occasions, instead of ‘I’, even in front of his friends, then be quite sure in madly in love with you.

Even though men love to hide behind the mask of being unmovable and indifferent by love, they are actually filled with emotions. With the above points you can tell if your man is madly in love with you and you don’t have to guess or be unsure of him anymore. Its most likely your man may not show all these signs but baby if shows at least three of these signs, that are most important to you, cherish him!

Got any secret signs you use to tell if a guy loves you? Share in the comments section!

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