10 Tips for Getting More Traffic to Your Blog in Nigeria

So you have a blog but nobody seems to know about it. Or you’ve been considering starting your blog, but you don’t know how you’ll avoid that pitfall almost every other blogger talks about. ”I don’t have readership”, “nobody wants to read my blog” or all other whining along this line. You know them all.  Well here’s me coming to the rescue with sure fire tips for traffic.  In fact following the first two strictly can see traffic to your site increase.

Here they come!

Excellent Content

Content, content, content, “content is king” I’m sure you must have seen this phrase quite a number of times. Let me add mine, “content is king, guest post is queen and the rest are court jesters”. This is me putting this in a black and white manner. All the rest are not exactly court jesters but content and guest blogging are by far the most important tips needed.

Let’s talk content. All the blogs you like to visit, they have one thing in common. There content appeals to you. You want everyone that visits your page to be hooked right? Then you must have content that appeals to your readers. And you must present it in the best way possible. Bear in mind that you don’t write for yourself, a blog is not a personal journal, so keep that in mind before you decide on what to write.

Guest post

You want traffic right, obviously you do or you wouldn’t still be reading this. So go to where the traffic is and get them. On someone else’s blog? My point exactly; successful bloggers are very busy people, some egoistical, but very few who are selfish. If you think your skills are excellent, offer them to a blogger with bigger traffic. Of course this person will confirm if you can do the job, by going through your blog. If his readers find your post interesting they’ll certainly check out your blog for more of you. If you can deliver excellent content for many other popular blogs, then that’s a lot of traffic staring you in the face.

Create conversations

So now you have visitors on your blog, you’d want to keep them right, except you want to start searching again. One way to do this is by creating conversations. Reply to comments on your blog posts so that your readers will know that you appreciate them. Write your blog posts in such a way that it will elicit conversation.

Create Juicy headlines

You can create great content, but if your headline is shabby, how do you get people to read it. Newspapers have perfected the act of writing catchy headlines. Look at some of them; this should help you get started.

SEO it

For the uninitiated SEO means search engine optimization. So you have to optimize your blog for search engines. There are millions of searches on Google daily, imagine how many people can see your blog if your articles are SEO friendly.

Go to where your audience is

People that have same likes and taste can be found is certain places online. For example if you blog about fashion, join fashion forums or groups. And make sure you comment. Your blog link should always be posted on these groups after commenting. You could also start a thread on forums and drop your link(s) for visitations.

Give freebies

People love free stuff, some blogs give free e-books or reports to their first time visitors. If you don’t have such, then at least you should encourage free sharing of your content. If any magazine wants to syndicate your content, let them, no strings attached.

Harness the power of social media

Use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to share your work. First of all you have to build a credible profile, both personal and for your brand. Now make sure you share interesting posts on your social media page. Not just your works, but those of others as well. As long as they are relevant to your niche or they are something you think people will be interested in. If you build a profile that consistently shares great stuff, your followership will increase and you can now redirect them to your blog.

Write keyword friendly articles

Basically keywords are those phrases people are most likely to type into Google search. When you find out those keywords incorporate them into your writing. This is also a basic part of SEO.

Optimize for mobile and speed

If people can’t visit your site on the go you’ll be losing a lot of traffic. And also if your site loads slowly, new visitors will not be patient enough. You have to check out your site speed.

There are many other tips on how to get traffic to your blog, but these are some of the most important tips. Follow them and soon you’ll see your traffic swell.

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