10 Ways to Buy Cheap Used Cars in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, a car is a necessity, in spite of this, not everyone can afford a car. Well, if you fall in the categories of those that cannot afford a car and you are in dire need of one, you can always buy a cheap used car in Nigeria. Cheap doesn’t mean low quality. You can buy a cheap used car and enjoy it for a long time. All you need to do is know where and how to get one.

This article contains 10 plus effective ways to buy cheap used car in Nigeria.

Be observant

Keeping your eyes open is one of the easiest ways to come across cheap cars for sale. If you are interested in getting a cheap tokunbo car in Nigeria, always be on the watch for cars that have the “for sale” sign. Such cars can be found in petrol stations, mechanic workshops and even on the road. When you come across this vehicles, taking note of the number on the advertisement sign is the first thing that should be done.

While attempting to buy a cheap car, always bear in mind that this car is being sold at a cheap price for many reasons which might not favour you.

Inform Your Friends and Acquaintances

Getting to be aware of all the opportunities on ground for a cheap car might be too much work for one man. To make your search for a cheap car easier, you should get your friends and acquaintances involved.

Beyond just looking out for cheap cars, give your friends the go ahead to carry out negotiations on your behalf. This is very vital because there are chances the opportunity might no longer be available when you get wind of the information

Buy from a Broke Friend

It is no news that people in dire need of money are known to sell off their properties at ridiculously low prices. They do this just to get the needed cash without considering the real worth of the property.

Taking advantage of this is one of the ways to get cheap cars. In pull this off very easily, get your friends and close relatives aware that you need a car. With this, they would always link you up to anyone that wants to sell off his car very urgently.

Join Forums That are All About Selling Cars

There are usually ample opportunities on lots of online forums.  To get quick information about cheap cars for sale, joining a forum meant for the sale of cars is the way to go. After joining the forum, it is important to interact with other members of the forum. Also feel free to make the forum aware that you need a car with a certain specification at a certain price.

Don’t be Put off by High Mileages

It is very normal for cheap cars to come with high mileages. This is one reason they are cheap in the first place.  If you must get a cheap car, put other things into consideration. However, mileage should not be considered as too much of any issue.

Avoid Classy Vehicles

Classy vehicles always come at high prices, this is because they offer some form of luxury. Well, the aim of buying a cheap car is for necessity and not luxury. Therefore, more often than not classy vehicles are a no go area.

Go for Cars With Low Second hand Value

Certain cars such as the Camry and Accord have very high second  hand values. However such cras as Kia and Hyundai do not really have second hand value. Therefore they can be gotten at give away prices.

Visit Sites that Sell Used Cars

There are certain sites in Nigeria known for selling used cars. Paying any of this sites a visit can help you come across a cheap car that suits your taste. Some of these sites are  Olx Nigeria, Cheki NG,Carmudi. Com, etc.

Buy Accident Cars

Accident cars usually come at very low prices because they get turned down by lots of people. Their availability is usually an advantage to those looking for cheap cars to buy. To get accident cars, all you need to do is contact your mechanic and the rest will be history.

Visit a Used Car Lot

This is probably the easiest way to get a cheap car in Nigeria. At sites like this, you are definitely going to get a very broad variety of cars that you will love. Always remember to bring you’re a game on when its time to bargain


Go for Car Auctions

There are several cars auctions that take place every year in the Nigeria. The most popular ones are held by the Nigerian customs. You can take advantage of these car auctions to buy high quality cars in Nigeria and an unbelievable price.

Buy from Cotonou

Another way Nigerians buy cheap used cars is by ordering their vehicles from Cotonou. This is not for the amateur vehicle buyer. You should have a guy who is an expert at buying cars from Cotonou because that’s the only way you get your car into Nigeria without paying through your nose at the border.

A lot of cheap cars in Nigeria are going to come old or imperfect. However, don’t be turned off by these because with a good maintenance routine, you are certainly going to enjoy your car.

Do you have any genius ways of buying used cars in Nigeria? Share with us in the comments!

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