10 Ways To Know if A Guy Likes You

This part of life is one almost every girl cannot run away from. You may have had a guy who has been around you for a while but you just can’t tell if he likes you or not. Why waste time crushing on a guy who might not be interested? Definitely no need to waste time on a lost cause. There is no hard and fast rules to really getting around knowing if a guy likes you or not but here are a few tips to lead you a step closer to starting a relationship with him.

Here it goes!

1. Too Close and Comfy

He stands close to you at all times even when you guys are not in a tight space. You are out with friends and he wants to walk with you or even sit beside you in a group. This might mean something.

2. Here Comes Superman

He tries to show of his manliness around you. Guys get quite sensitive about how manly they look. This is what they think attracts girls the most. So if he is around you and wants to show off he can lift heavy objects or carry the heavy bag then he is trying to impress you.

3. Knight in Shinning Armour…Kinda

Another thing to note is how chivalrous he acts. I don’t mean night in shinning amour killing the dragon kind of scenario. When he is with you does he let you enter the room before him, or open the door. The little things matter even when some girls don’t want to care.

4. Touchy Touchy

A good way to show you are comfortable with someone is by touch. If he finds any minor way to touch your arm or hold your hands or around the waist or shoulders then you are more than a friend. Unless you guys have agreed that’s how guys relate before hand as friends then pay no attention.

5. Smooth Operator

A compliment gets you everywhere. When a guy compliments how you look or your outfit, he has the hots for your. Savour the compliments and get closer.

6. You Didn’t Have To… (Don’t Stop!)

Gifts are a perfect way to show your love for someone. Everyone loves gifts especially at special occasions like your birthday. If he gives you gifts for no specific reason at all, then that says it all. He has you in mind and when he sees something nice, he thinks it’s great for you. Such a sweetheart.

7. Just Us

Trying to get someone alone may not always be the best because people have ulterior motives. However, if you are with friends and he asks you to take a walk outside with him or even go get something he forgot to buy specifically, then he wants to spend quality time with you.

8. Hello from the Other Side

When he checks up on you for no particular reason, then he is thinking about you, occasionally. Out of sight with you is definitely not out of mind.

9. Speechless…That’s How You Make Him Feel

A guy who really likes you may try to get up courage to talk to you. With this, he might seem a little nervous around you. If you notice he fumbles with object or even sweats when trying to talk to you, good news, he likes you!

10. Are We Doing This or Not?

If you really want to know if a guy likes you and you have the guts, walk up to him and ask. Don’t make this a habit but if it is killing you, this is the best way to cut to the chase.

All these are just pointers. The fact is that people express their feeling in very unique ways. Whatever the case just give the guy who likes you a chance and he’ll probably ask you on a date.

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