15 Cool Ways to Ask A Girl Out

If only the minds of ladies could be read, thinking of cool ways to ask a girl out would never be a subject of discussion. Well, it appears that is not the case.

There are different categories of guys that want to take their friendship with that special female friend to the next level. There is the group that believe asking a girl out is very easy and not something to get worried about. The second group is made up of guys that believe asking a girl out is closely related to rocket science. They therefore panic at the thought of it.

The group of guys you belong to matters only a little when trying to ask a girl out. Very confident guys as well as extremely shy guys can mess things up when asking a girl out.

To ask a lady out in a cool way, the elements “surprise” and “shock” should not be taken for granted. However, before you do, you might want to find out if it’s true love.

Below are 15 cool ways to ask that special girl out and expect a beautiful response.

#1 Ask Her Out On Her Special Day

It is expected you know the birthday of the lady you want to ask out. If you don’t, it’s not too late to find out.

You have to make her birthday a very special one if you’ll ask her out that day. You don’t have to rob a bank to make it happen, all you have to do is be thoughtful.

A beautiful piece of cake with the question “will you be my girlfriend” might just do the magic.

#2 Do it Through Music

Do you know how to sing? Even if not very well you can still use this method. However, if you sing very well and play an acoustic instrument, then this will be near perfect.

Asking her out using music is a beautiful and trusted way. Music is loved by about everyone, therefore asking her out through music is most likely going to trigger a positive response from her.

To do this, simply write her a song telling her how wonderful and beautiful she is. Ask her out when the song is over, and you won’t regret it.

#3 Use a T-shirt

This is pretty simple to carry-out. Buy her a beautiful T-shirt. However, before giving it to her, get it customized with the inscription “would you be my girlfriend”. Send the shirt to her home in form of a parcel and try to be present when it is opened.

After she opens the t-shirt and reads the inscription on it, re-phrase the question and watch magic take place.

#4 Get Help from Your Friends

Go somewhere calm with your crush and some of your other friends. Get your friends to come along with under shirts each with a word from the phrase “would you be my girlfriend”. Get them to take off their shirts and show their undershirts to your crush when the mood is perfect.

While they do this, hold her hands and whisper the question to her.

#5 Use a Billboard

If you’ve got the means, this is definitely a very cool and romantic way to ask her out. If you are shy and reserved this might not be best for you. However, if you are confident, this is an ideal way to ask your crush to be your girlfriend.

All you need to do is get a billboard space and publish your question with the name of your lady on it. Drive by with her present in the car, stop close to the billboard and call her attention to the billboard.

This is surely going to be an effective way to ask her out!

#6 Write Her a Letter and Deliver through a Pet

This method will be especially effective if she loves pets. Although writing a letter is quite vintage, it is still very effective.

To ask her out using this method, write her a letter with your feelings poured into it. You should ensure the letter is heartfelt or it won’t convey a strong message.

After writing the letter, get your pet to take it to her house. There are chances you will get a response from her through your pet.

#7 Send Her a Flower

Take advantage of her love for flowers. You should not use this method if she does not love flowers. To do this, simply get her a bouquet of her favorite flower and attach your message to it.

#8 Get the Help of Cheerleaders

This is one very public way of asking a girl out. It is surely going to make your crush blush. This is as simple as getting cheerleaders to carry placards with the question “would you be my girlfriend”. This is most effective in a high school setting.

#9 Make Use of The Sand at The beach

Passing your message to your girl can also be done at the beach. All you need are sand and rose petals. Write your special question on the sand at the beach and beautify the petals of a rose flower.

#10 Graffiti is a Good Idea

Using graffiti to pass a special message to your lady is beautifully creative.

#11 Drop a Note in Her Book

This is quite direct, simply drop a note in her book. If she does not read much, you could drop the note in her purse, bag or pocket.

#12 Ask Her over the Phone

This is quite old fashioned, it however shows your seriousness. It is preferred over messages and tweets because it helps you get personal.

#13 A Talking Teddy Bear

Ask her out using a talking teddy bear. Simply record your message on the teddy bear and give it to her.

#14 Send Her a Gift

You do not have to spend too much on a gift. The value of a gift is in the intent and not in the cost. Simply buy her a gift and attach a note to it. Leave the rest to fate.

#15 Go Crazy

No, I don’t mean breaking things and landing yourself in jail just a harmless crazy stunt. To pull this off, you have to make sure the girl you’re interested in likes that kinda thing. You can choose to sing at her window at midnight or have a street dance in her honor. You have to get creative with this one. Whatever you choose, get her to know you did what you did because of her, then ask her out in the moment.

Romantic love is beautiful and can only be enjoyed when you have a partner. Going past the stage of just a friend to a boyfriend doesn’t happen very fast for most people. However, you can make it happen soon by asking her out in a cool way.

Guys share some unique ways you’ve asked a girl out and Ladies, we’d want to hear what works!


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