15 Home Remedies For Acne Free Skin

You want to know how to get rid of acne fast right? Before looking for ways to do away with acne, it is important you understand it correctly. Acne occurs when the hair follicles becomes clogged with dead cells and oil. Acne appears often on the face, back, neck, chest, shoulder and midsection. When the skin is irritated in one way or another, it will produce an excessive amount of oil. This excess oil traps in microscopic organisms found on the skin, contaminating the skin. The contaminated skin swells up and forms a spot or acne.

Different types of acne

Whiteheads: These are small spots with whitish heads which appears as a result of the follicles getting clogged with dead skin cells and oil (sebum).

Blackheads: These spots look like black dots. They are also known as comedones. Comedones are another term for clogged pores. Blackheads are a result of the debris inside the follicle becoming oxidized.

Papules: These spots occur when there is an inflammation of the skin caused by bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells. They appear red and they swell.

Pustules: They are similar to papules, but, they contain whitish or yellowish looking pus and they are painful when touched

Severe acne: These are spots that are large, red, and irritating. They can last for months. Severe acne, that is, nodules, cysts, or acne conglobate, indicates a deeper skin condition than the average acne type. They can damage the skin permanently, if left untreated.  See a dermatologist for stronger medication, if over-the- counter treatment does not clear the spots after a few weeks.

15 home remedies for acne

Ice cubes

 ice cubes

You can use ice on a pimple that has not yet been infected fully. Ice can reduce swelling and cause the oil glands to contract and secrete the excess oil and bacteria from the skin. Apply the ice as much as you want throughout the day by wrapping the ice on a fabric and holding it on the aggravated skin for few seconds. Repeat the process all through the day. The pimple should go within a day or two!


Honey is also known as a disinfectant. It can aid in destroying the bacteria in the oil glands quickly and also help in quickening the healing process. Dab the honey with a clean cotton tip application and apply directly on the spots for about 30 minutes then rinse your skin with warm water. You can also make a paste with cinnamon powder and apply over night before washing your skin.

Lemon juice


This work as a germicide and kill the bacteria in the skin and also act as an astringent to clear away excess oil. Use a clean cotton swab and apply the spots before going to bed. Also, you can mix the juice with cinnamon powder and apply them on the spots overnight, but, it is not suggested for people with sensitive skin.


This is an amazing acne treatment. It works best when you apply it after you applied ice on the affected parts. It is important to note that white glue should be used instead of gel. Apply some white toothpaste on the spots overnight and wash it off with cool water in the morning. If you not going anywhere that day, you can apply it again but no less than 30 minutes to get a better result. Do not use this treatment frequently as it can irritate the skin.


Steaming opens up your pores and flushes off all kinds of impurities. It works better for people with acne. Fill a big pot or a container with hot water, and then position your face so it comes in contact with the steam. Do not make your skin come in contact with the hot water, your skin will sing as a result. After you are done steaming your face, wait for 30 minutes before you apply moisturizer on your face.

Tea tree oil

 essential oil

This oil is stunning for treating acne and breakouts. The antibacterial properties in the oil help to battle bacteria that cause skin blemishes. The oil also reduces redness and increase of pimples. It also dries out pimples and whiteheads. Dip a cotton ball in the oil and apply it on the affected skin, then rinse your face after 20 minutes. You can also mix tea tree oil in one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel. Apply it on your acne and wash your face after 20 minutes.


Garlic is known for its medicinal advantages. It is known to have strong antibacterial, antiviral, cell reinforcement and harsh to contagious properties. Raw garlic is best used for treating acne and breakouts. Eating raw garlic can help stop the breakout and also cure acne, spots and others. Cut a clove of garlic in pieces, rub it on the skin for about 5 minutes then wash your face with tepid water. Repeat this process a few times a day. Eating one clove of raw garlic everyday will purge your blood. However, do not eat it in excess as it can upset your stomach.

Baking soda

Baking soda can be used for so many things. It can be used as toothpaste, antiperspirant, and many other things. It can be used for clearing out pimples on the face. Mix baking soda and water or lemon juice. Wash your skin and apply the paste on the affected parts, wait for couple of minutes and wash your face with warm water. For quick results, do this twice a day. Do not keep baking soda paste on your skin for more than a couple of minutes, if you do, your skin will become dry and irritated.



Cucumber is high in vitamins (vitamin A, C and E) and potassium. It alleviates and has a cooling effect on the skin. The juice can be used for the treatment of break out and it works best when ingested. Cut cucumber in pieces, and put them in water for 60 minutes. Strain the water and drink it or use it to wash your face. You can also make cucumber face mask and apply on your face for 15 minutes, then wash your face with warm water. This process will flush dirt and bacteria from your pores.


Papaya is very useful for hair and skin. It is enriched with a protein known as papain which helps you to process protein effectively. It also has properties that can help cure irritation on your skin and make it smooth and soft. Apply papaya paste on your skin for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off. For face mask, blend papaya and a bit of nectar, then apply all over your face and rub gently. Let it dry and wash your face after that. For quick result, apply the face mask twice a day.

Apple cider vinegar

Consider using apple cider vinegar for acne treatment. It kills bacteria on your skin and also acts as astringent by taking out the excess oil off your skin. Wash your face and dry it with a towel. Mix a proportion of section vinegar to 3 sections water. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it directly on the blemish. You can rinse your face after 10 minutes or leave it overnight. Apply a skin toner after this process. You can do this a few times every day.



Apart from the fact that yogurt is edible for eating; it also does wonders on the skin when applied topically. Mix yogurt with lemon juice and apply on your skin then gently wash it off after 15 minutes. Apply this mixture twice a day.


This medicine help reduces acne on the skin. Mix 1 Aspirin to 3 sections water. Apply this thick mixture on the affected skin with a Q-tip. When the mixture dries off and begins to fall off your skin, which can take about 30 minutes, wash your face.

Aloe Vera

This plant reduces redness and irritation of acne on your skin. Apply Aloe Vera gel on the spot for 15 minutes and wash your face with warm water after that.

Olive oil


This oil contains vitamins, iron and anti-oxidants which help to uproot skin breakout scars. Thoroughly massage the oil for a couple of minutes till you feel the oil is consumed by your skin. Dib a clean fabric into warm water, and put it on your face to get the steam. Gently wipe away excess oil off your skin with the fabric. Wash your face with cool water after 2 minutes.

Many people accept that harsh chemicals, over cleaning, medically managed skin peels, laser treatments are most sensible approach to treating acne. However, these medications come with side effect and sometimes, irritate the blemishes more. These common, but extraordinary, home remedies can help you do away with acne or pimples easily and quickly.

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