15 People Confirmed Dead In Islamic Attack On Kenyan Hotel

A man from England and an American man have been confirmed by the Kenyan authorities, to be among the 15 people that were murdered in the terror attack at a luxury hotel and office complex in the Kenyan capital yesterday, January 15th.

About 4 gunmen were captured on CCTV shooting guests with bullets with a suicide bomber blowing himself up in the deadly attack which started at about 3 pm.

The Somali Islamist militant group al Shabaab have come out to claim that they were behind the attack at the 14 Riverside Drive complex, which also included a large hotel known as DusitD2, banks, and offices.

They claimed to have killed 47 people but gave no proof at all.

The Al Shabaab spokesman, Abdiasis Abu Musab stated:

“We are behind the attack in Nairobi. The operation is going on. We shall give details later.”

According to some reliable sources, 15 dead bodies are known to have been deposited at the Chiromo Mortuary and more were expected to arrive later on. Mourners are not gathering at the Chiromo Mortuary to mourn those who have lost their lives during the tragic Islamic terror attack.

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Identification papers showed that 11 people out of the 15 dead bodies were Kenyan, one was American and one was British. The other two were not carrying documents so the authorities could not identify his native origin and where he came from.

There were gunshots heard just a few hours after the president had declared the scene safe.

A UK Foreign Office spokeswoman has also come out to state that:

 “The situation is ongoing. We are in contact with the Kenyan authorities who are coordinating a response and stand ready to assist as required.”

The US State Department also came out to say that:

“We can confirm that a US citizen was killed in the attack.”

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