15 Upcoming Artists In Nigeria

The biggest riches of any country is her people. And Nigeria is blessed with abundant human resources. Amongst these people are some talented artists. Nigeria has produced some artist with international acclaim such as Ben Enwowu, Ladi Kwali and Nike Davies Okundaye. In today’s post, we shall be seeing 15 upcoming artists in Nigeria. Hopefully, someday, they’ll be as popular and as successful as their predecessors.

Fola David

20 Upcoming Artists In Nigeria

Fola David is a self-taught visual artist, who specializes in hyperrealism, he’s also one of the most popular speed painters in Nigeria. He can paint a portrait in under two minutes, he can paint upside down and also paint on rolling canvas. He’s a TEDx speaker and the most surprising of all, he’s a medical doctor.  He got his MBBS from the University of Lagos. David is 25 years old.

David Akinola

20 Upcoming Artists In Nigeria

Born in 1993, David Akinola studied Industrial Design in Amedu Bello University Zaria. His art which centres around feminity, music, architecture and psychology is influenced by Yoruba culture. David resides in Lagos, Nigeria, where he practises his art.

Jessica Temitope Soares

20 Upcoming Artists In Nigeria

Jessica Soares is a graduate of marketing, but she’s always loved the arts. She’s a visual artist, not only does she paint on canvas, but she also paints on bags and shoes.

Dare Adenuga


He’s been dubbed “artist without boundaries”. Dare Adenuga is a visual artist, he studied fine art at Yaba College of Technology, and then apprenticed under Ato Arinze, Ghariokwu Lemi and Peju Alatise respectively. he paints, sculpts and also is into mixed media art.

Juliana Kasumu

Image from “Irun Kiko” (Instagram/Lovekasumu)

Juliana Kasumu is a London based British born Nigerian photographer. Using her photography she tries to understand her history as a black British woman, of course using photography. While she explores other factors affecting blacks, black women especially, such as colourism, black hairstyles in workplaces and racism among others. All these she does through photography.

Eri Umusu


Eri Umusu is a digital artist. He’s a 3d generalist, animator and a motion graphic artist.

Olabode Ajayi


Olabode is a 3d artist and an animator. He studied Industrial design at the Federal Univerity of Technology Akure. He’s behind some popular animated videos out in the Nigerian art space.

Alaba Onajin


Comic book artist and illustrator. He created a comic book series called Anike Eleko. it focuses on girl child education in Nigeria.

Ubiomo Chinedu Ogheneroh


Ubiomo hails from Delta state in Nigeria, he studied at the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he became influenced by Uli lines and symbols.  Ubiomo is a 2d illustrator, graphics designer and digital painter.

Black Black


Black Black is a Nigerian photographer. She loves the black African skin colours and she takes pictures of it. This is her way of “celebration melanin colour every day”.

Sunday Chukwu


Sunday Chukwumeremeze is a sculptor by profession. He works with metals and alloys. He studied Fine and Applied Art at the University of Benin, where he also has some of his best works. the work above is titled Technological Developments, it shows the struggle for supremacy between man and machine. It is situated in the  University of Benin, Ekehuan campus.

Awele Emili


Awele Emilli is a pharmacologist by training and an illustrator and comic artist by talent and skill. m Most of her illustrations border around everyday issues Nigerian children have with there parents.

Nurdin Momodu


Nurdin Momodu is a 3d animator, CG (Computer Generated Image) artist, a filmmaker and a public event speaker. He’s the CEO of Lotus fly animation.

Ibe Ananaba


Born in Belgium, Ibe studied Fine and Applied Arts at IMT Enugu (Institute of Management and Technology) Ananaba is a graphic artist, a fashion illustrator, a cartoonist, painter, a calligraphist and then visual storyteller.  Ananaba resides in Lagos, Nigeria, where he also practises his craft.

Arinze Stanley


Arinze Stanley studied Agricultural Engineering at the Imo State University (IMSU). His art is based on hyperrealism, which he mostly does with pencil. Stanley is also an activist and an entrepreneur. His art is one of the mediums he used for activism.

So there you have it, some upcoming artist in Nigeria, making a difference in their choose art fields.

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