20 Beautiful Wool Hairstyles to Rock this 2020

There was a time in Nigeria when wool hairstyles and natural hair were only for ‘deeper life’ sisters. Today, wool and natural hairstyles have become a hair trend for ladies of all backgrounds. Wool hairstyles have gone from being made with regular knitting wool to more high end items like the Brazilian wool.

There are so many ways to rock your wool hairstyle today. From regular box braid styles to colorful twists! If you’re looking to join the trend of wool hair rockers, we’ve got some amazing wool hairstyles for you. We’re sure you’d find something here to suit your taste.

Let’s get right to it!

Brazilian wool hairstyle

Rock this medium, wool, box braid style. The big cuts of this hairstyle gives it a unique look.


yarn hairstyle

There are tons of woolen crotchet twists in the hair market right now and this one is very popular among the ladies.

wool hairstyle

If you’re looking to get in a bit of colour, you can try this coloured wool braid combo. Absolutely gorgeous!


wool hairstyle

Looking to go outside the norm for wool hairstyles? Try this long, blonde box braid.

jumbo twists

Chunky twists are a very popular hairstyle among people of African descent. This chunky twist can be made with good quality Brazilian wool.

wool hairstyle

You might want to go with this medium length wool twists if you’re modest and looking to play it safe.

faux locs

This beautiful wool faux locs hairstyle is a stunner. The added strands of colour makes it perfect for anyone who wants something unique without taking much risks.


wool hair

Simple, short wool twists with golden hair clips.

beautiful wool hair

Now, we’re getting into core African wool styles. This threaded wool hairstyles takes it to another level with a touch of colour.

wool hair styles

Another thread style wool hair. All black and just perfect for any occasion.

Brazilian wool hair

This Brazilian wool hairstyle combines tiny weaving with box braids. Just beautiful!


Brazilian hair on dreads

If you didn’t know you could make your dreadlocs into braids, now you know!


wool braids

This classic wool hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous. The cowries hair accessory adds a mystic touch.

bob hairstyle

Short bulb, purple wool hairstyle. If you love colours on your hair, this might be just perfect.

long wool braids

Look at how perfect those chunky wool twists are!

unique wool hairstyle

If you’re looking for a more unique hair style, you might want to try this criss-cross wool braid with a kinky tail.

wool weaving

Beautifully layered wool hairstyle packed into a ponytail.

unique African hairstyle

Looking explore DIY wool hair styles? You might want to try this.

wool hair for girls

Beautiful, colourful mixture of braids and corn rows. The gold clips takes it to a whole new level.

long yarn twist

Waist length chunky wool twist hairstyle. Try this if you want that dreadlocks look.

faux locc

We finish up with this breath-taking wool hairstyle beautifully packed into a curly bun.

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