20 Bantu Knots to Inspire Your Hairstyle

Bantu knots, also referred to as Zulu knots has their origin in Africa, among the Zulu tribe. They are versatile, vibrant and protective hairstyles which dates back centuries. A twisted or braided portion of hair wrapped around itself to form a bun is called a bantu knot. The partitioning of hair plays a huge role in styling this hairdo.

Is your hair extra long? Or are you on the shorter size?  Are you just starting your natural hair journey? Twisting your hair into knots will keep it protected and cut back on styling time. Browse through for gorgeous bantu knots that we’ve got for you to inspire your hairstyle.


bantu and weaving

Braided triangular bantu knots

Braids, bantu knots and triangular partings creates a stunning hairstyle. Accessorize with beads and gold clasps for effect

Bantu knots

Small bantu knots

You can never go wrong with bantu knots

Bantu knots
bantu knotout

Take your mid-sized knots up a notch

bantu and mohawk

Side pattern bantu knots

The three bantu knots on the side are epic. Fluff up the rest of your hair and you’re ready to take the world.

Bantu knots

Classy look with bantu knots


The hanging braids on either sides are a catch for these bantu knots. No doubt, this hairstyle is gorgeous.


Bantu knots with braided ends

Part your hair into partitions. Braid each section and wrap it around itself to make the knots. Simply amazing!

Tiny bantu

Bantu knots being made. They can be made with natural hair.


bantu style
kids bantu

Flat twists with bantu knots

bantu hair

Cornrows and knots

You want to make your hairstyle memorable? Why not add a few cornrows for a unique look


3 bantu knots with half up half down style

bantu curis

Highlighted bantu knots with geometric parts

unique bantu knots
coloured bantu hair

Cool and trendy bantu knots

Why not add some colours to your hairstyle?

natural hair bantu

Bantu knots with braids is among the killer designs in Africa

crotchet bantu

Frontal bantu knots with curls left hanging make a great hairdo


Black and classy


bantu knot hair

Little girl with beautiful bantu knots

bantu knot hair

Get creative with the design of your knots. To get curls in the right places, part your hair strategically.

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