20 Valentine Gifts for Her This 2020

Gifts say a lot of things to a lady, apart from saying you love and care for her, it also says you’ve got her on your mind. Especially if the gift is something she needs. The key to giving the best valentine gifts is to listen to your partner is “body language”. This way, you’ll find out exactly what they need or want. Below are some gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Big Cuddly Bear Teddy bear

Big cuddly teddy bears are about one of the most traditional gifts for valentine. So if you are a traditional person then this will be the way to go. Most ladies will love this as a valentine’s day gift.


Another traditional gift for valentine, in fact wines as a drink are a staple for Valentine’s Day.  If your Valentine is a lover of wines, then you can’t go wrong with getting one as a gift.

Gourmet chocolate collection

This is the last on the list of staples for Valentine’s Day celebration. The reason why you should get gourmet chocolate is that bae probably takes your usual chocolate every now and then. So for a special occasion like val, a special chocolate collection will be in order, or don’t you agree?

Lip Balm

During the colder months our skin takes a toll, the lips become chapped, dry and well, less kissable. So help keep that kiss fresh, get her a lip balm.


Heels for val are so cliché, however sneaks with gown, hmm, uber chic. So a white pair sneakers will be a great gift. Or you could even get the high heels sneakers which are so much in vogue right now; this will be an excellent addition to her wardrobe.

Customized pendant

Get a normal necklace from your local jeweler and then get a pendant. The pendant can be designed in a myriad of ways, just make sure it contains her initials in a creative way. This will add the much needed personal touch to your gift.

Workout Pants

If she doesn’t work out, this is a way to encourage her too, and if she does this will encourage her to continue the habit. Workout pants are very comfy, so she can just wear it whenever she want to she wants to get comfortable. You’d be using one stone to kill two birds.

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Cool wristwatch

For the lady who is very time conscious, a fashionable time piece can be considered. It even gets easier here because ladies now wear even male watches and find it fashionable. So finding a good enough timepiece won’t be a problem.

A pair of shadesshades

Weather for beach day or her regular work runs, shades are essential during summer. They look good too in pictures, and come in various shades and prices. I’m quite show you’ll get something great that would fit in your budget.

Cosmetics Case

Sometimes ladies can be disorganised with the amount of cosmetics they have and how to properly keep them. With a cosmetic case though, the disorganisation will be a thing of the past. As she uses it, she’ll remember you.

Pair of Lingerie

Okay so here’ a slippery floor, if you are just getting to know each other, make sure you don’t attempt this. For a long term intimate couple though, why not? Just make sure you know her statistics.

Magazine Subscription

This is easy; find out her favourite magazine and gift her a 6 month or 1 year subscription

Expert Brow Set

An expert brow set to a woman is almost like what a wrist watch is to a man. To a lady who’s concerned about her looks this will be a great gift. And to one who doesn’t really care; this might just be the push she needs.

Wireless headphoneswireless headphones

Not many women are techies, or love tech gadgets. However for the active woman who loves her music you can’t go wrong with a wireless headphone.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are originally for men, but there’s the ultra cool version of it for the ladies. Not only does it come in cool colours it is also high heeled, giving it an extra appeal to the ladies. Getting this as a val gift is just a great choice, especially for the one who’s crazy about shoes.


Wine Gift Set

For the lady who loves her wine, she’ll appreciate this; it does come with nice wine glasses, the chiller stones help to keep the drinks cool for longer.

Endless Knot Pull Chain Necklace

This necklace comes with a beautiful pendant. The great this about this necklace is that it is very adjustable. So it could be elongated into a really long necklace or shorten it up to choker level.

Comfy Slippers

After a hard day at work in those high heels, nothing feels much better than fluffy, comfy, suede home slippers.  Whenever she wears it and sighs comfortably you’d always remember the reason for her comfort…you!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This seems to be some sort of rave now, everyone seems interested in this cold brew coffee thing. So a cold brew coffee maker will just be the most natural step to take.

matching undiesMatching Underwears

This one was left for last for a particular reason. It is only for those who are adventurous at heart. MeUndies make these cool male and female undies with matching patterns, so if your S.O is your long term partner, this will make a great give for you both.

These are some gift ideas for the female in your life, or the one you are trying to get into your life. One thing you should know though that the usefulness of the gift is not mandatory when giving ladies gifts. Aesthetics yes, cuddly yes, emotional attachment yes, it being useful scores you extra points though.

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