20 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

The first thing you should know about monetizing your blog is – it shouldn’t be your main priority. Understanding and adhering to that first sentence will go a long way in ensuring you properly monetize your blog. However, monetizing your blog is a great idea!

Imagine your blog is a grocery store, you want to sell your goods but, with thousands of grocery stores  competing against you; you just can’t open your store and hope that you’ll get customers falling on your lap. You have to do a lot of work on your store first and make sure your store is filled with the best goods before you start searching for and expecting customers. So, before you think of monetizing your blog, your content should first be top notch.

Now that you have the right mindset, I will show you some 20 ways you can use in monetizing your blog. Find below:

  1. Pay per Click Advertising

If you really want to monetize your blog, then you have to get a few Ads up on that blog. When you have Ads on your blog, invariably you are on your way to making money with your blog. Our first point of call here is pay per click advertising. PPC remains one of the best way to monetize your blog without much hassle.

In PPC Advertising, you get paid every time someone clicks on an Ad banner on your blog. You can use PPC Advertising to monetize your blog by signing up to an Ad provider and downloading the ad code. You can then place this code on strategic sections on your blog where they can easily be seen and clicked. You get paid each time someone clicks the ad on your blog.

Google Adsense is a highly popular Ad provider although there are others which you can easily find on the internet. See my guide on how to set up Adsense on your blog.

  1. Advert space (Banner Advertising)

You can monetize your blog by selling advert space on your blog. Bloggers have been doing this for as long as blogging became a ‘thing’ and it is sure to continue for a long time to come. To sell advert space on your blog you need to have a blog that generates a lot of traffic and then you need to tell your visitors that you have an advert space for sale.

You can do this by creating a space that says “place your advert here” or you could create an “advertise with us” page on your blog. After a client pays for an advert space, they are then allowed to place Ad banner on your space which can be clickable or non-clickable.

  1. Email Marketing

If you have a blog then you can easily monetize it by engaging in Email marketing. In email marketing, you need to employ a strategic approach to obtaining emails and on what product you offer so as not to be seen as a spammer. The best thing to do is to first build an email list by creating signup or subscribe bar offering a weekly newsletter or offering a free product.

You can then offer a premium service or a paid product to your email subscribers.

  1. Text Adverts

Text Ads are gradually becoming popular in the blogosphere for blog monetization. Although your blog traffic is a huge determinant of how much you would make in the end, Text Ads is a stream of income you should apply on your blog.

Text Ads are usually place in-between your text in your posts and are bolded or underlined to make them visible. Your can sign up for any of the numerous Text Ad advertising websites and get Text Ads to place on your blog.

  1. Popup Ads

You can monetize your blog by strategically placing popup Ads on your blog. A simple popup that encourages your visitors to signup to your email list or buy a product. Popup Ads might not be too ideal due to the fact that people seem to resent them but they can work a treat if they appear less frequently to your users.

Just like the others, your blog traffic will determine how much you earn with your popups. However, if your popup can fetch you more email subscribers then you’re doing just fine.

  1. Sell a product

How about you sell a product on your blog? Your blog is a big free Advert space for you first before anyone else. Even if you don’t have any product to sell, why not create one and start selling? You could see your blog become a your online store where you market your products and you are definitely bound to make sales.

You could also use your blog to market your skills to prospective clients. Design your blog in such a way that people know you have something to offer.

  1. Carryout online training

These days, you do not really need to school to acquire basic knowledge about a lot of things. The internet has a gazillion number of websites who offer to train people on various subjects for free and then for a small fee.

If you have something you are very knowledgeable about, you can use your blog as an online platform to train and teach others what you know. You can start by training people for free, before offering a premium service.

  1. Organize a webinar

A webinar is a simply a seminar organized on the web. You can organize a webinar via your blog, were you would extensively discuss a particular subject which is educative and promises something profitable to people. Webinars are going on even as you are reading this guide.

Bloggers are making good money via webinars and you could be one of them. Of course before you organize a webinar, you must be knowledgeable about what you want to teach your students. Promote your webinar on social media and don’t overprice your gig.

  1. Proactively search for sponsorship

There’s nothing wrong with searching for advertisers your self. Look for companies anywhere you know, meet them physically and send them cold pitches telling them what your blog is all about and how it can help promote their business. Some companies who are active on social media are great to start with.

Bear in mind usually prefer sponsoring blogs with good readership and massive traffic, so work on your blog first before going ahead to approach them.

  1. Solicit for Donations

If your content is helpful enough, you can ask your audience to donate a small amount to the upkeep of your blog. Some bloggers think that most visitors will ignore the donate button; this is actually true, but not everyone will, a few members of your audience will donate money to your blog if they find your content helpful and unique enough. This should be just one string of income for your blog.

You can get a Donate button from PayPal or Skrill.

  1. Affiliate marketing

You can monetize your blog by helping others sell their products on your blog while you earn a small commission for each sale that comes through your blog. High performing affiliates are always in hot demand and you could become one of them.

Simply do your research on affiliate products which would work with your blog and start recommending it to your audience.

  1. Cost Per Mile advertising

Cost per Mile (CPM) advertising is quite popular in the blogosphere and is one great way to monetize your blog. In CPM advertising, you get paid based on the amount of page-views you get on a monthly basis. There are lots of advertising websites that act as CPM providers and you can register on any of them and start earning with your blog.

  1. Sell a service

You can monetize your blog by advertising a service you can render to prospective clients. Usually this will be on a freelance basis but it can be a great way to command income from your blog.

  1. Publish sponsored posts

There are many businesses and companies who would pay you to publish a post advertising their business on your blog. This is usually a one time and it is one way of monetizing your blog. You just have to be on the look out for these clients.

  1. Use RSS feed Ads

You can make money by placing Ads on RSS feeds but you need to first have RSS feeds on your blog. Advertising on RSS feeds is quite easy and can help you get a small monthly commission.

  1. Sell an EBook

Since you can write tens of thousands of words of blog posts in a day, why not channel that energy in writing a good EBook which you can sell via your blog? This is a great way of using your blog to make some money

  1. Use Google consumer survey

Google offers bloggers the opportunity to make money when someone answers question on a google survey placed on their blog. The pay is $0.05 for each question answered, this means you can earn $100 if you can get 2000 questions answered – it all depends on your traffic.

  1. Promote an event

You could monetize your blog by using it to promote upcoming events. There are numerous events happening daily who are desperately in need of promotion. You can research on event organizers on social media and other channels and use your blog in promoting these events for a commission.

  1. Product Review

Since you own a blog, you can write and publish product reviews for a plethora of products and get paid. Some companies might even give you a sample of the product you reviewed for keeps. There are tons of websites on the internet who help bloggers get review jobs, find them and use them to your benefit. https://bloggersrequired.com gives an insight of what I’m talking about in this context.

  1. Sell off your blog

If monetizing your blog becomes too much of a hassle and a show-stopper for you, you could go to the internet and find websites where you can auction your blog. There are people who would pay good money to buy your blog and turn it round for profit. Believe me you’ll get a good price if your blog commands a decent traffic.

Monetizing your blog takes a conscious effort and a little bit of dedication but then if you have great content, monetizing shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

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