2019 General Elections Postponement – Reactions Of Your Favorite Celebrities

It was a thing of joy for several socially conscious individuals, politically inclined citizens and indeed all Nigerians interested in the progress of the country when it was announced that the 2019 General Elections would be holding on the 6th of February and the 2nd of March.

However, the 2019 General elections were soon postponed in the early hours of the designated day letting all hell loose among Nigerians who thought that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) didn’t make proper preparations – hence, the need for the postponement of elections – despite having four years notice since the last elections to make adequate preparations and fix logistics problems.

The zeal and energy that people had plunged into their plans to vote can’t be questioned with several Nigerians having to travel from far and wide in order to make it to their polling booths and be available for voting.

In an earlier report by iDONSABI.com, pictures were shown of Youth Corps members who had to lie on the floor pending the arrival of election materials having been registered as ad-hoc staff for the 2019 General Elections

Irate Nigerians took to social media app, Twitter to vent out their anger on the Electoral body and the Federal Government for failing to thwart the postponement of elections which has somewhat become regular having had the 2011 and 2015 general elections postponed sometime in the past.

That said, it is worthy of note to mention that both the PDP and President Buhari have made comments about the postponement as mentioned in separate reports by iDONSABI.com

Nigerian celebrities and entertainers didn’t keep to the dark either as they took to their social media handles to emphasize the fact that the postponement of the elections only few hours to the elections was bad, appalling and embarrassing no matter the reasons listed for doing so.

Here are some of their reactions:


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