Top Best Resources for 2020 JAMB UTME CBT Practice

Prospective JAMB CBT exam candidates have questions regarding practice tests. Such as how and where to get practice resources. However, passing the JAMB CBT exam in flying colours is not just about practicing aimlessly.

Also, some do not even know what resources to practice with or how to familiarise themselves with the CBT test environment. Here, you will find information on the top best resources for JAMB UTME CBT practice. As well as how to use them to obtain best results.

Top Best Resources for 2019/2020 JAMB CBT practice

Most candidates who are preparing to write JAMB UTME CBT TEST usually have the fear of not being familiar with the CBT environment.

There are several ways that you can practice for your JAMB CBT exam . These includes using JAMB CBT practice apps that can be easily downloaded onto your phone. And similar to the authentic JAMB CBT test. So you have the experience before you write the test.
Secondly,  these CBT practice apps can be downloaded on android phones. Hence you can practice anywhere and at anytime.
In addition, you have access to more subjects even those outside your combination. This means that once you acquire this app, other candidates offering different courses can make use of it.

Also you can download JAMB CBT practice software that perform this same function on your computer and use either online or offline .

JAMB CBT Practice Apps

Now this is one of the most efficient ways by which you can familiarise yourself with the JAMB CBT test. Using CBT practice apps will help you practice questions in a similar condition as to the real JAMB CBT test .

Importance of Using JAMB CBT Practice mobile Apps

First you are given almost the same simulated environments as the JAMB CBT test. Therefore you have an advantage of getting used to writing the UTME exam using the CBT.

For best results, you must know where to find practice questions and the best resources to explore. Also, you must be familiar with JAMB UTME past questions. More importantly, you need to practice using resources similar to the CBT facility.

Where to download JAMB UTME CBT Practice Apps on your Mobile Device

You can find numerous JAMB CBT practice apps on the digital store of your device.

Android phone users can download on the Play store. For iPhone users however, visit your appstore

To download any of the JAMB CBT App of your choice. Once you type in “JAMB CBT Practice Apps ” on your device’s digital store, you will find numerous apps like below. Simply make your choice and start practicing.


How to Use the Android CBT Practice App Effectively

a. First, download the app on your phone so you have it with you all the time.

b.  Then, ensure you take a practice test everyday. It is strongly advised that you answer a minimum of ten CBT tests daily .
c. Furthermore, be disciplined about your practice schedule. Stick to time and avoid interruptions during your test.

d. Finally, make use of the provided answers and explanations to correct your mistakes and broaden your knowledge.

JAMB CBT Practice Software

This is also a JAMB UTME CBT practice facility that you can download on your computer system for easy practice just as the mobile app. It provides you will past questions for several courses. Also, some of  these software even let you work offline while you do not have internet access. Furthermore, you can have access to as many as 24 courses on such software.
Although most of these software can be downloaded free of charge, you will have to obtain a software activation license code to access all functionalities.
Usually, license codes cost between 1,000- 2,000 naira.
However, once you have activated the software with the licence code, you do not require any other activation. So you can keep working as long as you want so far your computer can be turned on.

Click here to find several options to download JAMB CBT Practice software.

JAMB Post UTME CBT Practice Software

There are also softwares that allow you practice Post UTME on your computer. This is after you myst have passed your JAMB CBT test. These softwares provide practice questions for post UTME of institutions who organises post UTME screening for candidates using the CBT mode. These software familiarises you with the post UTME CBT enviroment. Also it offers you past questions of post UTME from your exact institution of choice.

JAMB CBT Practice Portal

Consequently,  there are also online sites where you can practice the JAMB UTME CBT questions in a CBT environment wuthiut downloading anything. These portals provide you with access to a large number of JAMB UTME past questions online.
They also automatically generate random JAMB UTME CBT practice test questions based on past JAMB/UTME questions.
Usually, the online practice sites will time the user, mark and score just like the CBT apps and softwares.

Finally, you can have acess to answers and explanations to the test questions. As well as information that will help optimise your practice experience.

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