2019 Lagos State Election: Jimi Agbaje Support Group reveals how ADP candidate Babatunde Gbadamosi made overtures seeking to be the consensus candidate

– Jimi Agbaje Support Group revealed how the ADP Candidate, Babatunde Gbadamosi made overtures to the party, Agbaje, and others to be the consensus candidate for the Lagos State 2019 Governorship Election

The Jimi Agbaje Support Group in Lagos State has called out the Governorship candidate of the Action Democratic Party ADP, Babatunde Gbadamosi for spreading rumours that the PDP candidate, Jimi Agbaje has stepped down.

This statement from the Support Group comes few hours after Jimi Agbaje denied reports that he had stepped down.

The Support Group in a statement released on Wednesday night revealed that the ADP candidate had made several overtures to the party, Jimi Agbaje and others for him to be nominated as a consensus candidate.

According to a statement released by Benson Babajide on behalf of Jimi Agbaje Support Group, the body disclosed that when the ADP candidate saw that he had failed in his bid, he began to spread rumours on various platforms.

Babajide in his statement further noted that while Babatunde Gbadamosi and his team were seeking coalitions in a other to take advantage of the presence of PDP network in Lagos and make use of PDP party agents, Jimi Agbaje forged ahead with his campaign across the state selling his vision of freedom.

The statement read: “The Jimi Agbaje Support Group states that the intention is laced with propaganda and deliberately timed for release in the closing moments of the Governorship campaigns.

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“We are by this statement notifying the public that Jimi Agbaje of the PDP remains the candidate of the party and is in no form of alliance or talks with Gbadamosi and ADP.

“Whilst not holding brief, the CUPP will not be used to promote the desperation of any selfish candidate. Voters are advised not to fall for this dummy intended to sway votes in his favour.

“Gbadamosi is also advised not to allow himself to be duped by desperate political merchants as there is no CUPP arrangement in Lagos but only in Abuja for the presidential race,” the statement added.

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