2019 Nigeria Presidential Election: Why you should go out and vote if you have a PVC

– 2019 Nigeria Presidential Election: Why You should go out and vote as a patriotic Nigerian if you have the PVC

The much awaited 2019 Presidential Election is finally at hand with less than 24 hours left for Nigerians to decide on who would rule the country for the next Four years.

Apart from qualified Nigerians who were unable to get their Permanent Voters Card PVC before the deadline stipulated by the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, some Nigerians with the PVC have already made the decision to seat back at home rather than move out to participate in the 2019 Presidential Election.

Some Nigerians who have made the decision not to vote tomorrow have given different excuses for their decisions which bother on Security, indifference, nonchalant attitude among others.

The first thing to know is that the Nigerian Police alongside other security agencies have assured voters of a secured environment that will enable a peaceful conducive, credible, free and fair electoral process.

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As a Nigerian with the PVC, it is your civic duty to come out and vote for your candidate.

Another reason is that your PVC is your power and access to government, as a Nigerian with the PVC you have the opportunity to choose who will run the affairs of the country for the next four years.

Do not be deceived by some statements that your votes don’t count, this statement can be attributed to poor political education.

As a matter of fact, your vote counts and a single vote can make a difference.

Don’t waste this opportunity, if you have the PVC, move out tomorrow, vote and you can decide to stay or go back home and await the result.

To make things go faster, INEC have made it known that accreditation and voting will take place at the same time.

Move out and vote as Nigeria Decides!!!

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