30 Best Traditional Wedding Hairstyles in Nigeria

Traditional hairstyles could be regarded as our locally inspired hairstyle. Often times, they are styled with cowries or beads depending on the tribe.

Your traditional wedding hairstyles doesn’t need to be old or less fashionable just to prove that it is traditional. Good to note, from highly culturalized bride in Edo Benin, to the sophisticated Yoruba bride there are high-end traditional wedding hairstyles that will flatter your big day.

Find below some of the most amazing traditional wedding hairstyles to slay.

Nigerian traditional wedding hair

Flaunt your guests with this coral beaded hairstyle.

traditional wedding hair

It is your day, then you should stand out in crowd with this Benin princess hairstyle.

Trad hair

You do not need an introduction before people know that you are the bride. Your hairdo should speak highly of you.


Look at her pretty face, it is her big day, no one is permitted to slay better than her.

Traditional wedding hairstyles

A simple and classy hairstyle carefully bounded into two places and designed with coral beads.

beautiful traditional wedding hair

The beautiful smile on her face is second to none. A combination of hair and shoulder beads makes her look truly African.

bridal hairstyle for natural african hair

Is your hairstylist good at what he/she does? This hairstyle should not be a problem in making.

African traditional wedding hair

Her joy is priceless. Yours can better, just make the right hairstyle.

Benin traditional wedding hair

What a beautiful bride she is, is she not?

Igbo traditional wedding hair

There is this inner joy that accompanies a bride who is satisfied with her traditional hairstyle for her day.

Efik traditional wedding hairstyle

You don’t actually need to break the bank to get this hairstyle. All you need is a picture and a good stylist.

Delta traditional wedding hairstyle

There is no room for a mistake on your big day. Slay from the beginning to the end.

Hausa and fulani traditional wedding hairstyle

That boss look on her face can only be achieved when you are sure of what is on you.

simple traditional wedding hair

Beautiful traditional hairstyle for your special day. The whole day belongs to you, own it!

African traditional hair

An African traditional wedding happens once in a lifetime, get everything right on that day, including your hairstyle.

trad wedding hair

There is no doubt that hair surely changes the look of the face. Give yourself a captivating look on that day.

Naija wedding hair

Gel up traditional hairstyles always slay. Be everything on the day of your traditional wedding, including a super-duper model.

Natural hair for trad

There is no need to use beads before you can be accepted as a queen. All you need is a beautiful hairstyle.

traditional wedding hair nigeria

She is beautiful, is she not? I bet you would want to look more beautiful on your own day.

Unique traditional wedding hair

An amazing hairstyle, creatively designed with the coral beads to adorn the bride.

yoruba traditional wedding hairstyles

Traditional wedding hairstyles that will make you forget about the white wedding.

wedding hair styles pictures

Something perfect for a sleek ebony bride. Who says you can’t slay in Afro?

bridal hair gallery

Your traditional hairstylist should be one of kind. They must be highly creative.

bridal hair updo

Beaded hairdo is highly beautiful. This can cause the groom to propose again.

Simple bridal hair

Extravagantly adorned with gold hair beads and heavy African bead necklace to flatter any eyes that see it.

Ekiti bridal hair

I bet you would wish this was you.

trad hair

Unique hairstyle for low-risk takers, yet beautiful enough to attract the sight of any man.

trad hair updo

Hair is quite an important specification in a traditional wedding. Make sure your own traditional wedding hairstyle get tongues wagging.

gel trad hair

For the bride that would not mind taking time to bring out something superb.

stunning trad hair

Beads are surely one of the specifications of a beautiful bride.

traditional wedding hair

Amazing hairstyle with bead used as a headpiece, very beautiful.

You need not go extra miles to get amazing traditional wedding hairstyles to slay in 2020. Even if you have done your own traditional wedding in the previous year, I bet you still have someone close to you who have a fixed date in the year 2020 for their traditional wedding. It would be nice that you recommend some of these traditional wedding hairstyles to such a person.

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