Air Vice Marshall Idi Lubo, who is in charge of the investigation team revealed this to journalists on Friday at the Umar Musa Yaradua International Airport in Katsina, their first stop on their way to Zamfara State.

Air Vice Marshall Lubo explained that the task of the investigation team was to find out the situations that led to the emergence of the allegations that the air strikes killed civilians instead of bandits.

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In Air Vice Marshall Lubo words, “I’m here with my colleagues, seven in number. We are a special team set up by the Chief of Air Staff to investigate allegations concerning us killing some people at the village called Dumburum, that has a very thick surrounding forest in the area.

“We want to find out every situation surrounding the allegations of this incident; we are going to do just that,” he added.

According to the air vice marshall, the team’s target and mission are to unravel the circumstance that led to the incidence and discover the truth surrounding the allegations.

He also disclosed that the investigation team would meet with some stakeholders in Zamfara, including the governor and some members of the Council of Chiefs in the state.

“We are going to see if it is possible to meet with the relatives of the victims,” said Lubo.

“We are here to check into the alleged bombing of a place; if there was such an incidence, the board will uncover it. No soldier wants to kill anyone that is innocent.”

Air Vice Marshall Lubo also revealed that the committee is expected to submit its finding to the Chief of Air Staff on Thursday.