Don’t Mislead People – Ruggedman to Naira Marley

Rapper, RuggedMan has some words for Naira Marley.

The latter had endorsed Yahoo is one of his post. Stating that it’s not a crime. He said “if you know about slavery, you will know yahoo is not a crime”

The rapper Ruggedman has some words for him. Apart from telling him to stop misleading others. Also, he told him yahoo is a crime and it is wrong to disrespect the black race who were sold into slavery by using it to justify yahoo.

Read His Post Below:

 “@nairamarley My brother, I love your music and all but you need to get one thing clear and do not mislead people. Especially kids on social media. You can do Yahoo all you want, but do not disrespect the part of the black race that were sold into slavery by trying to use it to justify cyber crime.

“The people who bought slaves died ages ago. If you want to fight that, then start a cause/movement against the British and America. Who ever owned slaves, but stealing the hard earned money of other people isnt about slavery.

“You say the Nigerian leaders are looting trillions outta this country, why arent you hacking their accounts and giving back to the people Robin Hood style? I swear I go hail you for that one. But bro respect the black race and dont try to use it to justify cyber crime. E no follow. If it wasnt a crime popo wont be busting boys for it. 

“Thousands of qualified Nigerians cant get jobs outside Nigeria because of “yahoo”. Their families are suffering.

“Young Nigerians are suspect everywhere they go because of “yahoo”. If you want to do it, enjoy. Nobody is stopping you.

“But remember that if you do the crime, if you are caught you do the time. I got friends that are into it, I dont judge. 

“I got friends who are in jail as we speak for doing it, I dont judge. All man dey hustle. God bless all our hustles and let’s hold our leaders accountable.”

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