32-Year Old Man Kills His Former Wife’s Boyfriend Over Case of Jealousy

A 32-year-old man identified to be Abunde Goja, has been apprehended for allegedly killing his former wife’s lover in Makurdi, Benue State.

Abunde Goja, the 32 Year Old killer, also a mason who was said to be the father of over three children from his former wife, allegedly stormed the home of his former wife in the night, forcefully made his way into the room and poured acid on his former wife’s new boyfriend after which he hit him to death with an axe wood that same night

The Benue State Commissioner of Police identified Omololu Bishi, stated that the former wife identified with the name, Kadoon Chia, immediately reported the case to the police that while she was in her room with her new boyfriend, identified as Terdoo Shito, her former husband, Abunde Goja, 32, made a collaboration with one Luper Ishu and others now at large, attacked Terdoo Shito, her new boyfriend and murdered him on the spot in the room with her, Kadoon Chia.

However, Abunde Goja, 32, who confessed that he was responsible for the death of Terdoo Shito, the new boyfriend to Kadoon Chia, stated that he murdered Terdoo Shito in self Defence.

However, Abunde Goja, 32, failed to confess to the Police Command when apprehended that he had no explanation on how he got hold of the acid in the night which he eventually used on Terdoo Shito after killing him.

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The Police Command in Makurdi, Benue State, have condemned the action taken by Abunde Goja. To some people especially the Police Command and Kadoon Chia, the action taken by Abunde Goja, 32, in killing her new boyfriend, Terdoo Shito, was simply an act of jealousy.

Abunde Goja, 32, will now face the full wrath of the law as stated in the constitution as killing is an offence punishable by law.

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