35 Traditional Dressing Styles in Nigeria

Nigeria is unarguably the most populous country in Africa, with this in mind, you can be certain that it is a country that is blessed with various ethnic groups as well as tribes. As a result of the various tribes in Nigeria, there are quite a number of traditional attires. However, the dominance of the Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa tribes, has ensured that their traditional attires are widely spread throughout the country and have been accepted by people from other tribes.

Igbo traditional Dressing

The Igbo traditional dressing is the dominant style of dressing among the Igbos. It is quite similar to the style of dressing of other neighbouring tribes such as the Ijaws, the Ibibio, etc. Among the Igbos, dressing is not a show of affluence, it is just majorly a way to get the body covered. This is perhaps one of the reasons why most Igbos appear to favour western styles of dressing over the Igbo traditional way of dressing.

In special occasions, Igbo women put on wrappers that are made of special and expensive materials. However, on regular days, they put on wrappers that are made from regular African prints.

Yoruba Traditional Dressing

Unlike the Igbos, the Yorubas put on clothes that determine their social status. Usually, men put on agbada, buba and sokoto, while women put on iro and buba and a headgear, usually called gele.

Hausa-Fulani Traditional Dressing

Hausa men dress in almost similar ways to Yoruba men. They put on babban riga and an agbada, and their women tie wrappers on blouses. The women also cover their bodies with huge hijabs. Usually, richer women put on more expensive hijabs.

Although various tribes in Nigeria have their indigenous traditional outfits, in present-day Nigeria, any cloth that is made from African prints is usually considered traditional. This is regardless of the style. The implication of this is; people from various parts of Nigeria now commonly put on the same traditional outfits except for very important traditional functions.

That being said, below are some popular traditional dressing styles in Nigeria.

Traditional Dressing Styles for Females

1. Photo by @finespecks_photography

This sky blue attire will look good on every Nigerian bride. Although it slides more towards the Yoruba way of dressing, it can be worn by women from every tribe in Nigeria.

2. Photo by @tbytinu

Asymmetrical blouses are not a new fashion item. This, regardless, they are fairly new in the world of traditional fashion. This asymmetrical blouse on a long skirt is a design that every trendy Nigerian woman should have in her wardrobe

3. Photo by @tbytinu

Although a little expensive, this lace gown can be worn to virtually every occasion. It is both very stylish and decent.

4. Photo by @afritrendstyles

This beautiful design can be pulled off with the use of about any material. You do not need to break the bank to get this.

5. Photo by @ccherrynah

This is perhaps one of the best ways to flaunt your glowing skin if you have got one. All you need to get enjoy this style is a piece of cloth and a pair of nice legs.

6. Photo by @thelittleconnection

You do not need a banging body to look good. With a gown like this, you can hide your post-pregnancy fat and still slay.

7. Photo by @afifimmacouture

This attire can be worn by virtually any woman. It cuts through religious beliefs and is an amazing representation of creativity.

8. Photo by @ccherrynah

This off-shoulder gown can be worn on both flats and hills. If you do not mind showing some skin, you can enjoy this design.

9. Photo by @afifimmacouture

This gown might be asymmetrical, it, however, can be enjoyed by people with various contrasting ideas of modesty.

10. Photo by @ankarafreakblog

This design speaks fr itself. Pair it with a gele and a nice pair of hills and you will be perfect for any occasion.

11. Photo by @krysies_kouture

This design is very simple and can be worn both as a traditional attire and as a jacket on a corporate gown.

12. Photo by @blakkpanther

A design does not have to be complex to be nice. Simple designs such as this will be ideal for casual occasions.

13. Photo by @tbytinu

If the idea is to flatter your figure and show a little cleavage, then this gown will be perfect.

14. Photo @candiva27


If you enjoy mixing colours, a combination of a purple skirt and a multi-coloured blouse like this is one you will love.

15. Photo by @toniispriceless

This is be regarded as colour blocking, However, if you think you can pull it off, you should get yourself something like this.

16. Photo by @africanoccasions

Not everyone will be comfortable putting on a strapless blouse. Irrespective of this fact, this attire is definitely a near perfect combination.

17. Photo by @africanoccasions

This off-white blouse on an off-white skirt might not be made from an African print. It, however, is one design that any slim person will look good in.

18. Photo by@africanoccaisons

This attire comes in various shades of yellow and will look great on anyone regardless of skin colour.

Traditional Dressing Styles for Males

19. Photo by @asoebimendem

Jidenna’s blue senator is indeed simple and perfect for every classic man

20. Photo by @macninaline

With this design, father and son can both slay effortlessly

21. Photo by @asjmode

This attire might be considered a traditional attire, irrespective of this, it can be worn to formal occasions

22. Photo by @asjmode

A white senator with sky wine colour pocket square will suit every man

23. Photo by @yomicasual

Update your closet with this navy blue senator.


24. Photo by @yomicasual

Beautiful fabrics are not meant for ladies only. With a design such as this, you can slay with any material even if you are a man.

25. Photo by @yomicasual

This body fitting attire is one that you should have in your wardrobe if you think you have the right body for it.

26. Photo by @bankywellington

Want to be the perfect groom? this blue agbada will make it easy.

27. Photo by @ebuka

This design is simple. However, its very rare colour will make you stand out from the crowd.

28. Photo by @ebuka

This black traditional outfit is one you can wear to work on a Friday and still remain very simple.

29. Photo by @david.dizi

The senator has become Nigeria’s own indigenous suit. Getting a wine coloured senator will not be a bad idea.

30. Photo by @ebuka

If dressing to make a strong impression is your intention, this is the perfect attire.

31. Photo by @yomicasual

You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one. All you need is to get a design like this one.

32. Photo by @ebuka

Want to look simple and perfect, this is a design you should try out.

Traditional Dressing Styles for Children

33. Photo by @egwunyengavivian

Babies are not left out. This jumpsuit will look good on any baby regardless of gender.

34. Photo by @sleek_cloth

Get your daughter to look like a princess by getting her this skirt.

35. Photo by @madivasmag

This simple and inexpensive design is one that any parent can afford for their daughters.

With this list of top-notch traditional dressing styles at your finger-tip, you can always look your best when attending any social function.

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