50 Best African Hairstyles You Should Try

No matter how advanced we are with life and technology, one thing that’s not going to fade away from our lives is weaving hairstyles. Nowadays, it seems like everyone has been stung by the hair weave bug as there’s a huge number of women rocking these hairstyles. African hairstyles give your hair some rest, protect it from harsh environmental factors and create space for creativity. There are many interesting braiding techniques to make every head unique.

Scroll through our list of African weaving hairstyles that you might want to try next time you make a visit to your hair salon.

african cornrows

Beaded cornrows made with ombre extensions

Let down your hair in a whimsical way. Simply chic!

gorgeous hair for African kids

Minnie mouse hairstyle

With this intricate hairstyle, your kid will get compliments all day.

Absolutely stunning!

feedin weave

Fancy protective style

Slay the day with big braids and smooth baby hairs

flat twist hair

Natural hairdo for girls

Cornrows that look swept back


flat twists

Let your hair breathe with this natural hairdo. Ideal for summer.

Simple flat twist set
Shuku hairstyle

Impressive yet easy updo!

kids African cornrow

Lots of small cornrows fed into two big braids


tribal braids

Try something different with pulled-back cornrows

beaded cornrows

Rock this Fulani weaving like the queen that you are

kids african hair

Cornrows for children are a great idea because it’s low maintenance for parents who hate styling hair in the mornings

natural hairstyle

Simple and fun!

Add this half up half down style for list of hairstyles for the year

beaded cornrows

You can never go wrong with beaded bangs.


Braided updo and floral design

Stunning braided design that takes braids and forms them into a flower design.

Beautiful and incredible!

Ethiopia hairstyle

Geometric cornrows

Turn heads with an updo showing off angled cornrows

stunning cornrow for kids

Heart-shaped cornrows and beads

With lovely braids like these, your daughter’s delicate natural hair will be protected. She’ll like it more than you.

weaving hairstyle

Ghana weaves that accentuate the face

beaded cornrows

Chic braided bob with bangs

Braided bobs are simple but so chic


You sure haven’t seen the end of braids? Always evolving with new styles and patterns.

Kenya weaving hairstyle
Ghanaweaving with curve cutting

Don’t you want to go for braids with ombre tones? You should.

Tanzania weaving hairstyle

Your kid can rock this for school

Side Patewo hairstyle

Side swept braids

african old skool hair

How can you not like fulani braids? Rock this with a smile on your face.

all back weaving

Thick and thin assymmetrical feed-in braids

Cool and eye-catching hairstyle. The thin plaits help balance out the style.

beaded kids hair

Creativity at its peak! Dopest of all!!!

Tanzania weaving hairstyle
Cameron Hairstyle

Feed-in bun braid

Bun is a lovely outcome for braided curves.

bead weaving

Braided pigtails

Add beads for adorable look.


beaded african hair

Beaded bangs give off major rockstar vibes

beaded hairstyles

Colourful beaded hairstyle for your toddler


Bold fulani braids

Hairstyles that protect edges don’t have to be boring.

unique african hair

Mother and daughter rocking their beaded braids

chunky cornrows

Heart-shaped braids with chignon

Looking for a statement hairdo? This is it.


Curvy plaits fed-in to chunky braids

criss cross cornrows

Criss cross updo with beaded braids

Why settle for a boring hairstyle when you can have some fun with your hair?

weave up hairstyle for kids

Adorable pigtails

Cute fashionable style for little black girls.

flat twists

Got long hair with extensions? Twirl it into an updo bun

one corner hair

Ladies, have you tried this fierce hairstyle?

Creative and versatile

Nigerian braids

Extra long braids

Don’t you just love this? Long braids are gorgeous.

beaded african hair

Cornrows with beaded ends

Spice up your hairstyle with beads

African hair for kids


African hair for kids

Tiny cornrows gives kids unique look

unique weaving

Angled cornrow

The diagonal part of this hairstyle and the angle braided pattern are the main wow factors of the look.

kiddies cornrow

Cute cornrow hairstyle


Kiddies cornrows

Side pony with base

A side pony may not be the most creative hairstyle that you can imagine but does it matter as long as it looks so pretty

kids african weaving

Swirly cornrows pattern and ponytail

  This is feminine and so cute to look at.

naija kids hairstyle

Natural braided hairstyle for kids

Patterns in the cornrows are truly beautiful

naija kids hairstyle
weaving hairstyle kids

Feed-in braided pigtails

Style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Nigerian hairstyles

Twisted mohawk

Let your child have fun without fussing with a mess of curls

African tribal hair

Zig zag cornrows will never go out of style.

ghana cornrows

Braided pony

Classy and protective

africana hair

Beaded braids with varying lengths

Want a show-stopping style? This is the hairstyle to go for

simple cornrows
weaving hair

Why have braids straight down when you can braid in a diagonal pattern?

natural hair corn row

Cornrows with flat twists

Rock this natural look

unique natural hair

Cornrows with side swept twists

Super chic and feminine

weaving hairstyle for naturalistas

Casual and cool braided updo

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