50 Unique Birthday Wishes and Texts For 2020

It’s an undeniable fact that birthdays are very special to almost everyone. Birthday greetings have become a part of our lives. Usually, they include gifts and loads of birthday wishes. They’re usually days of reflection, gratitude and excitement for lots of people. It’s even more special when these birthday messages are unique.

It’s a beautiful thing to send your loved ones happy birthday messages on their special day. This is because birthday wishes are usually anticipated by people celebrating their birthday. If you’re not exactly sure how to express yourself, below are 50 amazing happy birthday messages for your loved ones on their birthdays.

Unique Birthday Wishes for Your Friend

  1. You deserve the best and nothing but the best. I do not regret having a friend like you. I wish you a birthday filled with pleasant surprises!
  2. It is your day today! Live like you are the most important person in the world. Happy birthday my dear friend. Don’t forget to enjoy and have fun!
  3. I wish we lived in the same city, I would have whisked to away by exactly 00:00 am. Notwithstanding, my birthday greeting to you is on the way. Happy birthday to you, live free and enjoy. It is your day!
  4. I wish you all the beautiful things of life my dear friend. Do have a fun-filled birthday!
  5. Today marks the beginning of a new year for you. Happy birthday to you and God bless your new age.
  6. Gifts can come anytime, but happy birthday messages come once a year. Happy birthday buddy! Always remember that you are loved by me.
  7. I am glad I have a special friend like you in my life. I pray you get everything that is dear to your heart on your special day. Happy birthday to you!
  8. Friends like you are very limited in supply. I feel greatly honored to have the privilege of wishing you a happy birthday. Happy birthday buddy! Don’t forget to have fun.
  9. Seasons have come and have gone. Years have rolled by yet our friendship has grown stronger. I am glad to be associated with a special person like you. Happy birthday to you, you are the best!
  10. I feel indestructible with you as my friend. Thank you for always being there for me. Have yourself a wonderful birthday!
  11. Get ready to party hard today. Days like this come once a year only and we have to make the best use of them. Happy birthday my dear friend!
  12. Thanks for standing by me when I needed you the most. I pray you have a beautiful birthday!
  13. I have waited eagerly for this day. Let’s go party, it’s your birthday!
  14. Happy birthday to you dear friend. I wish you a fun-filled birthday with lots of food!
  15. Don’t be too hard on yourself today, eat, be happy and make merry. Happy birthday!
  16. My birthday wishes to you are a cake that’s big enough to suit your age and overwhelming fun. Happy birthday my friend. Age with grace!
  17. Of all those that have birthdays today, I know just you. That makes your birthday a very special one indeed!
  18. You might be losing your young looks, you are however gaining experience. Happy birthday and age with grace!
  19. Wisdom is supposed to come with age. You should be happy that makes you my wisest friend.
  20. You owe me a big chunk of cake today, happy birthday buddy!
  21. Birthday greetings help add colour to your day. I hope this message makes you smile when you read it. Happy birthday my brother from another mother.

Unique Birthday Wishes for a Family Member

  1. Thanks a lot for being an inspiration to me dear sister, do have a wonderful birthday celebration!
  2. I am glad to have a brother like you, as you celebrate your birthday, never forget you are loved by everyone, especially me.
  3. The 8th of February is blessed because of you. Enjoy your birthday cousin, I am happy for you!
  4. Thanks for being a friend and a brother. I wish you an amazing birthday celebration!
  5. Be happy! It’s your birthday. Eat till you can eat no more, days like this come once in a year!
  6. It’s your special day today. I wish you a fabulous birthday. Enjoy!
  7. Sometimes we feel fulfilled because of the people we have around us. You are one of such to me. Have yourself a fabulous birthday!
  8. You truly deserve to be happy today. Happy birthday to you big bro of life.
  9. I wish all that you wish yourself little sister, a castle in the sky and summer on the moon. Have a beautiful birthday!
  10. Happy birthday big sister! Bear in mind that you are my first love!
  11. I treasure the day you were born, I treasure your birthday. Happy birthday to you my beloved sister.
  12. Today marks the beginning of a new year for you. Be happy and make merry!
  13. You are an amazing sibling to me. Happy birthday to you dear brother!
  14. On your birthday, I wish you all the good of life. Happy birthday to you little cousin.
  15. I have watched you grow to become a fine young man. On this day, I wish you good health and success in your dealings. Have a splendid birthday!

Unique Birthday Wishes for Couples

  1. You’ve been wonderful to me, I wish you a birthday as wonderful as you are to me!
  2. Happy birthday my love. Enjoy it like you are the only one in the world1
  3. You are very special to me. Do have a love filled birthday sweetheart!
  4. Happy birthday baby girl! No birthday gift is good enough to tell your worth to me!
  5. I pray our union gets happier as the years go by. Happy birthday my love!
  6. The older you get, the sexier you appear to me. Happy birthday my love!
  7. Happy birthday beautiful/Handsome!
  8. I wish you a love filled birthday babe. Get ready to party!
  9. Thanks for spicing up my life. Happy birthday my super woman!
  10. I want you to celebrate many more birthdays in my arms babe. Have a splendid birthday!
  11. I am glad to be with you at this special moment. I wish you a fabulous birthday sweetheart!
  12. Your birthday is just as special as you are to me. Happy birthday to you babe!
  13. Spending your special day with me makes me feel blessed. I wish you the best of life honey!
  14. May all your wishes come to pass. Happy birthday baby boy!
  15. I can’t wait to see you in the evening. My birthday greetings to you will be unveiled in the evening. Happy birthday sweets!

I’m certain that with these unique birthday wishes, you’ll never hesitate to send a happy birthday message when next your loved one is celebrating a birthday. If you have any unique birthday text, you can share with us in the comments section!

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