50 Valentine Date Ideas For 2020

After the holiday season (Christmas and New year) the next romantic time most people look up to is the valentine’s day. Planning something memorable and special for that special someone can be really challenging sometimes. This is because it can be very difficult coming up with worthwhile ideas for Valentine’s Day celebration. It becomes even more difficult if you have had a lot of Valentine’s Day celebration with this person. So here we come to the rescue, below you’ll find 50 valentine date ideas for you and that special somebody.

Cook for Your Significant Otherspaghetti

If you already know how to cook then there really isn’t much to this, except that you’d need to cook something different. However, if you don’t know how to cook it becomes really fun for everybody involved. Get a cookery book, or use these cool Nigerian food recipes. And make sure you have some practice before V-Day. To make it all look even the classier, dress up, and decorate your dining area and table complete with wine and scented candles.

Go to Dance Class

If you and boo love to dance then this is a very great date idea for val’s day. Now I don’t mean going to the club and partying away, though that would work too. The idea here is to do some kind of dance that will bring the two of you together. So maybe taking a lesson in one of those latino dances, they can actually be very sensual. So you could consider Salsa, Tango and the more classis dances like Waltz. The fact is that learning something new together has a way of bringing two people closer.

NetFlix Dinner

Every now and then, couples like to NetFlix and chill. So if you are not up for going out, you can actually just prepare some miniseries, get some comfort food or junk or anything that you and your partner would like to eat. Pizza, Steak, Chinese food, some junk, no healthy food please. Eating junk just one night won’t make you fat. Well the idea here is to order all the food you’d need and spend the evening watching movies, eating and cuddling.

Cinema Date

It’s Feb 14, so you should choose something romantic, complete with popcorn and drinks. The mood from the movie would set the mood for the rest of the evening. However if this is your first date, this is not for you. And after the movie you could still go grab some pizza and even some wine.

Body Paint

Of course this is a date that’s going to happen at home. If you are up for something new and both fun then this is something to try. It is something that can actually help a couple get intimate as you paint on the naked body. Painting on some parts of the body can be ticklish, so there will be lots of laughs and jokes. So just go to a paint shop, get body paint and enjoy painting on each other’s bodies.

Paint Together

Here now you are not painting on your partner’s body, you’re going to get a real canvas. If you know nothing about painting, then the night will all the more be fun. Set up your canvas, and each person should try to paint the other person. It will most likely be terrible, in a very funny way though. However it will be a great date none the less, and whenever you remember the image your will definitely have a smile on your face.

Go Hot Air Ballooninghot air balloon

This is most likely going to be something new for the both of you. It’s even more fun than flying in a plane. As you usually ascend slowly and are able to enjoy the panorama of nature around you. And you can be rest assured that when people start uploading their val day’s photo, yours will be very unique.

Go on a Wine Tasting Tour

For the couple who love wine, this could be a very interesting couple activity. In some places you might have to pay for the wine.

Do some Climbing

For the very active couple, or the couple who love the outdoors, this can be so much fun. If you live in a mountainous area, you could go mountain climbing. Or actually plan to travel to a mountainous area as part of your valentine date. There are also facilities with indoor climbing structures, so you can actually do your climbing within the city.


Recreate your First Date

If you are a long time couple, then this will elicit fond memories. If possible get the restaurant or where ever it was you guys had your first date. Order the same food that was ordered on your first date. And try to remind your love of those first times you guys fell in love.

Have a Day at the Spacandle light

Nothing is as relaxing as a spa, especially after a stressful week. So for valentine this year, you could book a couples’ spa session. And then end the night with some nice wine.

Hotel Night

Try to settle all you have to do during the day, and any responsibility that would stand in the way just delegate to someone else. If you are married couple try getting a baby sitter for the children or keep them at a relative’s place. The idea here is to have all the time to yourself with no external pressures to disturb you, even if for just one night.

Spend Whole Day in Bed

This is another interesting way to spend val’s day with your significant other. Just order take out, don’t do any chores and just stay in bed all day. Turn off your phones and make sure there are no other distractions

Go for a tour

Sometimes we live in a city and know nothing about it. For valentine your valentine date this year, you could arrange a tour of some of the historical places in your city. Or just certain places you are not familiar with, just have fun while discovering things together.

Attend a Show

On val’s day, there are lots of shows, and they are mostly for couples. So pick one which your partner will love. Maybe a Jazz show, something comic, a magic show, your choices are limitless. It might be quite pricey though, so just keep that in mind.

Go Ice Skating

If it snows on Feb then don’t waste the snow. Go ice skating with your significant other. If both you are both learners, this will totally be fun. All the falling and having to grab each other to steady you will create fond and funny memories.

Indoor Picnic

indoor picnicIf the weather won’t permit an outdoor picnic, then have it indoors, exactly as you would outdoors. Complete with wine and food and other goodies. If it’s going to be your living room then you won’t need to spread anything on the ground. But in your basement, you’ll need to.

Game Night

If you and your significant other love video games, then just go ahead and plan a video game date. This would especially work in one or the both of you are not up for going out that night.

Make Reservations at a Posh Restaurant

This one is a no brainer, and it is something most people will be doing on Valentine’s Day. Just know it’s going to be expensive, and you should make your reservation long ahead of time.

After Hours Museum Trip

Ever being to the museum after hours? If not then you’d enjoy this trip. Some museums have after hours shows, and many different kind of events, not all of them are fund raisers. And on lover’s day, they might also give special shows for couples.

Dine on a Cruise Ship

This could actually be a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you can afford it then you might want to consider booking a cruise for you and your beau.  This is one of those acts people have dubbed “grand romantic gesture”. On lovers’ day not many more places can be more romantic.


Do a Role play

Remember James Bond, picking up women in bars, well you can play that out. The guy should put on a nice tuxedo and the lady a gown, and just attempt picking her up in a James Bond fashion. So channel your inner James bond and attempt picking your woman up with witty statements just like James Bond will do.

Attend a relationship Seminar

If you are interested in fireproofing your relationship, then this might be a good place to start from. Marriage counsellors seem to have the answers to have to have a good relationship. What better day to attend this event than on lovers’ day?

Poetry NightRose

Poets have a way with word which others do not exactly have. And on a day such as this you’d hear love poems expressed in different ways. And if you’re up to the task, you could write a poem for your partner, eulogizing what they are to you. This will make a great date experience and such experiences are truly satisfying for the soul.

Arcade Games

This is something a lot of people haven’t done in a long time. This is a relic of the 80’s and 90’s, however in some cities arcade is experience resurgence. This will be a great discovery for your significant other. If they don’t know such things still exist. And the light hearted competition can also help you bond.

Snow Date

If it snows, well you have all the elements for a fun day between lovers. Get out in the snow as you belt your favourite song from Frozen. You can build a snow man and have and have a snow fight. At the end curl up together by the fire and have a cup of hot cocoa.

Play Board Games

Monopoly, Chess, rat race, these are some of the board games you can plan for your date. The thing about playing board games is that they allow room for a lot of discussions and getting to know each other better.

A romantic getaway in Nature

For the lover of nature, this can be a great time to unwind the in that place you love with the one you love. Hire a cabin in the woods, for a day or just go hiking. You’d enjoy the exercise, the open country and fresh air.

Go for a Bike Ride

In many cities, you can find bikes for rent both the single bikes and even those bikes which takes two people to ride. This can really be a fun activity for couples, especially if you are still learning to ride.


If your date loves to party, then this will be a great time to do so. Go to the club dance, drink and flirt with each other. And if you have the means hire a table at the club with some wine to spice everything up. Just make sure you don’t drink and drive

Binge on wine and Chocolatechocolate

Most ladies would consider any valentine’s day celebration without win and chocolate as incomplete. So instead of putting too much effort and going out just get your good wines, a bottle or two and a few box of chocolates

Play truth or dare

This is a fun way to get to know more about your object of affection. You could choose to play a game of cards, and whoever looses gets to answer the questions.

Spend the day at a motherless babies home

This is something a lot of people don’t do. You can actually use valentine’s day to show love to those who nothing has been prepared for them. If you are both interested in charitable works, then you can spend your day doing them.

Spend the day doing community service

Some people like giving to the community, if your love is that kind of person, then you can spend sometimes doing community service. And it will be double fun if your significant other is as interested in community service as you are.

Jdriveust drive around the city

Hire a flashy sports car which you won’t normally be able to afford and drive around town all day with your val date. You could even channel your inner snob like the rich and walk around with your nose in the air. As long as you do it with your date.


Go watch your favourite team play

If you and your boo are football fans (soccer) then this valentine’s day is going to be one hell of a valentine for you. I’m thinking you already know, but in case you don’t, here are the Champions league fixtures for February 14th. Chelsea vs. Barcelona, PSG vs. Madrid. So ladies instead of having your man distracted every ten minutes as he tries to check scores online, just go to a sports bar for 90 minutes and have some fun. And then after the match, you could go have some late night dinner or drinks.

Go skydiving

If you want to give your lover an experience of a life time, then you should try this activity. It is only for the brave hearted and adventurous though. A little adrenaline never hurt anyone you know.

Bungee Jumping

A little adrenaline never hurt anyone, if there is a place for bungee jumping in your city then you can have a bungee jumping date. After such an activity there is a such of dopamine and other feel good chemicals in the body. You’ll feel good about yourself and your date.

White Water Rafting

This is another very enjoying activity. Manoeuvring a raft is very different from manoeuvring a canoe or kayak. Learning together though can bring you as a couple closer to each other. If you or your date loves water and is up for some sweat, then by all means do it.

These are some very cool places to spend this year’s valentine’s day in.  Of course you can combine more than one idea to make something else. You should make sure that you put your partner’s likes in consideration when choosing a date for valentine.

Underwater diving

It doesn’t take a lot of learn how to under water dive. If you have beautiful underwater scenery, then you might just decide to take your date to the closest coral reef. And for remembrance, you can take a selfie or two under water.

Visit a Supper Club

Supper clubs started in the 1930’s and 40’s but now they are seeing a resurgence. If you love to sample exoteric dishes in a very high class atmosphere then this is a place for a great date. There’s an element of surprise in these food places. As you can’t always tell the dish that you’d be served.

Spend the day at the zoo

If your lady loves animals, then this is a good way to spend the day; doing something that she loves. As a way of showing love you could even donate to an animal charity of shelter of her choosing.

online shoppingGo for a Shopping Spree

Ladies love to shop, and if you are a man that can afford it, then give her the treat. Valentine’s day had been commercialized true, but shopping on a day like this will score you major points with your lover.

Plan a scavenger hunt

You can have this in the house or even around town. All you need do is let your date be aware of what you are planning, put clues around that will lead them to what you want them to find. The hunt might be about the gift you have for them, or have them go around town searching for clues which will lead them to the place where you’re supposed to meet for dinner.

A Couple Race

On val’s day there are lot’s of organisation which put together races for couples. It could be awkward but it could also be fun. A 5k will be very good, if you are of okay fitness, you should be able to complete it.


Trivia Night

This is for the couple who think they are very knowledgeable about their world. Organise a trivia game and take turns asking yourselves the questions and the loser gets to do something for the winner of the game.

Picnic in the park

This is quite a popular date plan. To spice it up however add some wine to the mix. And make sure it is in a non-discript container to conceal your public consumption of alcohol.

Watch a planetarium show

Stargazing with that special someone can be very romantic, however that is almost impossible in February considering the weather. However you can do this indoors by going to any observatory organising a planetarium show. Basically a planetarium show is indoor star gazing. It all happens in a hall with a large screen at the ceiling which mimics the sky. Whether star gazing is your thing or not you’d enjoy the beauty of the heavens.

Take a brewery tour

If you or your sig-o is crazy about beers, then this may be the time to take that brewery tour you’ve always wanted. And you just might get to sample different kinds of fermented drinks. So you get to learn more about your favourite drinks and spend time with your lover.

Order takeout for the whole familypizza

Valentine doesn’t have to be only between a couple, it can also happen for the whole family. So order takeout for the whole family, you all can sit by the fire and play board games. This will work well for long term couples who have children.

There you have it! 50 Awesome Valentine date ideas to rock your valentine!

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