7 Ways to Find Work Abroad in Nigeria 

Due to the economic situation and unemployment rate in Nigeria, lots of people are expanding their job search to other foreign countries. Working overseas is advantageous to your personal and professional development and growth.

Finding a job abroad can be a tedious process but it has its benefits. You get to step out of your comfort zone, gain new experiences and explore other cultures. Are you still having second thoughts about working abroad? Here are 7 ways to find work abroad in Nigeria.

1. Draw up Plans

The importance of planning cannot be overemphasized. Just like the quote, proper preparation prevents poor performance; in your quest to work overseas, certain questions need to be answered for a smooth working conditions.

What are your expectations for your overseas work?

What countries do you want to work in?

Do you wish to work in your current profession or try something new?

Answering these questions gives you clarity on the type of job you’re seeking or the type of visa to apply for.

2. Networking

Networking is definitely the best way to find a job. Your network includes everyone from friends, family, colleagues, business connection and the likes who can possibly help you in securing your foreign job. Though they might not be able to help directly, they may know someone who knows another person that could possibly help you find a job. Building relationships plays an important factor in job search.

3. Tailor Your CV with the Country’s Standard

Each country has its own acceptable way of writing CV. Get acquainted with your preferred country’s CV standard. Though it’s quite stressful designing such CV as some countries official language might not be Nigeria’s lingua franca but it’s worth it. Endeavour to send your CV alongside a cover letter explaining why you should be hired above their nationals and why you wish to leave Nigeria and work in their country.

Be sure you write the application in the language same as the job advert. You can always add a translated version if the job ad language is not the country’s native language. (For example, in reply to an English-speaking job ad in Germany, you could add both the English and the German application, but English will have priority).

4. Upgrade Your Educational level and Experience

Your educational background and background goes a long way in aiding your work abroad. Except you’re applying for an internship position which is easier to get, make sure you’re well grounded in the position you’re applying for.

5. Study or do Your Internship Abroad

Individuals who study or do their internship overseas are more likely to get hired than a job seeker applying from his home country.

Interning abroad is one of the best investments you can make towards your professional life. Besides helping your resume stand out, it builds certain cross cultural skills and gives you a direct experience in an area, profession and region of the world that intrigues you.

6. Work on Your Skill Sets

The world is becoming digitalized in these recent times; this has seen many foreign companies willing to work with people with great skill sets. There are so many skills that get the attention of these foreign firms but Information technology (IT) skills top the list.

7. Shadow People and Companies You Want to Work for

Shadowing increases your chances of getting a job. It enables you gain insight and obtain hands-on, practical experience in the field of interest. Follow the expert or company on social media platforms.

Use all available resources to catch their attention. Be a problem solver. Regularly engaging with your contacts and finding opportunities to assist them enhances job prospects.

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