7 Ways to Get Free Instagram Likes 2020

There’s this ecstatic feeling you get when someone likes your pictures or posts. The lovely heart-shaped button which is the most attractive feature of Instagram is definitely a mood booster. In this crazy world of social media, likes are synonymous with gold as everyone wants to gain more likes on their content.

Instagram likes are part of instagram’s internal metrics which cannot be sidelined. Do you run a brand account? Or are you an influencer? You need likes. We’ve put together a number of tips that will enable you get free Instagram likes. Let’s get started!

1. Post high quality pictures

A distinct feature of instagram is the images which draws you in. That’s the first thing the user sees once he logs on. To get more likes on instagram, consider uploading high-quality pictures. You need not become a professional photographer to publish good images.

High quality photos

Aside the built-in filters offered by instagram, there’s a whole lots of practical tools at your disposal to edit an image or create beautiful graphic designs. Make your instagram feed eye-catching with stunning photos. Never forget that photos are like hooks which keeps eyes glued to your feed. You want to gain likes? Never post cheap photos.

2. Post regularly at high-traffic times

Another way to gain likes on instagram is by being consistent with your posts. Publishing posts on the rush online hours of the day will definitely attract plenty likes. According to Later, an Instagram Partner, the best time to post on instagram is between 9 a.m.-11 a.m.

Being consistent with your instagram post will make your audience get used to the regularity of your content thus improving your brand. Posting frequently can be really tasking and can result to you running out of content and ideas.The way out is to plan and schedule your Instagram content in advance.

3. Write engaging captions

After you must have selected a beautiful photo and decided on the appropriate time to publish it, it’s now time to write a captivating caption. You need not write a hackneyed caption, just write a humorous, short caption infusing some emojis in your post.

Engaging captions

Writing engaging captions and using lines with call-to-action increases audience engagement thereby encouraging them to like your photo.

4. Use the right hashtags and geotags

Hashtags are dynamic features of instagram which enables the audience to find you easily, get you more likes and followers. There’s a need to invest time in hashtag research so as to know the best ones to use. Using popular hashtags helps you reach a large group of instagram users.

Hashtags and geotags

Also, the use of hashtags in your stories and bios increases your following. Hashtags can be very useful if you own a business page where you sell your products and services. For example, if you run a page where you sell hair products, it’s best you use the right combination of hair products hashtags, so your potential customers can easily reach you.

5. Host contest or giveaways

One effective way to rack up likes on instagram is to host giveaways and organise contests. This drives engagement to your account, gaining you likes and awareness as your followers repost your content. Create a captivating, engaging photo of your prize (use your product), and put a simple “like this photo to enter for a chance to win…” Call-to-action in your caption.

6. Work with influencers

Find an influencer within your niche to work with. Get them to promote your product by taking and posting a photo of them with your product on their page and yours.

This boosts your business as more people are targeted and your credibility is increased through social proof of the influencers. Based on the trust the influencers have built with their followers, the followers will likely buy your product.

7. Promote your posts

Just like facebook Ads, take advantage of the Instagram Ads to promote your posts. The Instagram Ads which is a powerful targeting option enables you reach people who don’t follow you. With engaging content and sound targeting, you’re sure to gain more followers who are interested in your business.

Watch your profile skyrocket as you follow these steps to get likes on instagram. Have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

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