7 Ways to Know if it’s True Love

Talking about issues of the heart, there are no hard and fast rules by which they abide. Issues of the heart have always been and will always be tricky. There are neither mathematical formulas nor scientific laws that can be used to explain them.

Matters of love have given both men and women of different centuries sleepless nights. This is because initial feelings of glee and euphoria die down after a short while, leaving you feeling stuck and sometimes helpless.

When you express love for someone, you are left exposed and vulnerable and you can only pray that they feel the same way about you. The inability to easily tell the difference between attraction, infatuation, love and true love has made lots of people fall in things that look like love but aren’t. A lot of these people conclude that there’s nothing like love after these experiences; this is especially due to the fear of potential heart breaks.

However, there are other who know that there is true love and they also know that true love really does make life worth living. Below are 7 sure ways to know if what you share with someone is true love. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you won’t be find yourself playing the guess game next time you fall in love.

1. The Desire to Improve

Having flaws and maybe sometimes lots of it is one true nature of humans. Changing bad habits and improving on one’s self doesn’t come easy. However, the desire to be a better person and to undergo painful changes can tell a lot about what you have. If you are willing to drop age long habits just to make a relationship work, then there are chances what you feel is actually true love. Always watch out for the desire to improve and over time, action.

2. Staying Together

No union is exactly perfect, although, some are worthy of emulation. Misunderstandings are bound to occur when two perfect strangers decide to share almost everything including time and space.

Staying together after disagreements, separations and sometimes big fights is one sure way to tell that what you have is true love.

3. Having Your Partner in Mind When Planning

Looking beyond yourself as a person and always considering your partner when making plans is one sure prove of true love.

If you find yourself considering the effects of your decisions and your actions on your partner, then you truly have something serious going.

Having your partner in mind as an extension of yourself tells you gone from just having infatuation to true love.

4. You Have a Feeling There is no Better Partner

The feeling of having found fulfillment in a relationship very much suggests what you share is real. At this point, you are no longer interested in attracting any other person save the person you are in a relationship with.

This doesn’t mean that you’re no longer attracted to other people rather it means that despite your attraction for others, you find a reason why your partner is always the best choice you’ve ever made.

5. Sharing Very Deep Secrets

Loving someone leaves you vulnerable. If you are able to look beyond the feeling of vulnerability and reveal the slightest detail of your life to your partner. Then, you love them for real.

Always watch out for people who claim to love you and yet they keep things away from you. They might have reasons for doing so but believe me, secrets always come back to hunt relationships if not shared.

6. Your Partner is Your Muse

Having a partner that is your muse is really something not everyone gets to enjoy. If you find yourself enjoying this benefit, you should do everything in your power to stick to your partner.

However, this feeling often comes when your partner always strives to be the best in anything he does, he or she might not be perfect but trying their best is just as good.

7. Finding Humour in Everything

If you observe that you do not struggle to laugh around the person you are with, then you really share something special. You guys basically laugh at everything and nothing.

Although it’s normal to find your partner quite funny in the beginning stages of a relationship. However, if you have gone through the infatuation stage of a relationship and still catch a lot of fun together, then you are with your true love.

You Want To Die in Their Arms

Only true love will make you wish to grow old with someone. If you have a mental picture of the two of you old and still together, then you have found a soul mate.

If these seven signs are present in your relationship, you are with your soul mate. It is therefore your responsibility to make it work. Put in all the work it takes for love to grow and always remember that every relationship that works is made up of people who worked hard to make it work.

Got any way of telling if its true love? Share in the comments!


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