73-Year-Old Nanny Sentenced 15 Years in Prison for Force Feeding a Baby to Death

— 73-year-old Nigerian Nanny sentenced to 15 years in jail after force feeding a baby to death in the US.

— She was charged with second-degree murder and child abuse.

Oluremi Adeleye, 73, has been sentenced to prison in the US by the  Prince George’s County, Maryland.

The case started in October 2016 when Oluremi force-fed an eight-month baby to death.

The CCTV installed in the room showed how the incident happened.

The eight-month-old roused the nanny from her sleep with cries on that fateful day. Oluremi Adeleke tried to feed her but she refused.

She then unscrewed the feeding bottle and poured its content down her throat until the girl chocked on it.

The girl, Enita Salubi was pronounced dead at the hospital after her father rushed her there.

According to the police, the nanny forced about eight ounces of milk down her throat and she died of asphyxiation.

The accused argued that it was not on purpose that she tried to feed the girl in the traditional way common in Nigeria without the intent to kill her.

While I don’t find the defendant is an evil-intentioned baby slayer, I also don’t find her actions were accidental.” Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge said.

The child’s mother and family are deeply traumatized by the incident, she revealed she moved her family from South Side Chicago because she was afraid of gun violence.

“I didn’t want to lose my child to a stray bullet…. I lost her to a formula.”  Nikia Porter, the mother said.

The two siblings of the victim were close to the room their sister chocked to death with no idea what was happening.

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