All-Time Top Scorers in the English Premier League

In recent times two people have dominated the world of football; Messi and Ronaldo. These two men alone have been winning the Ballon d’or for the past ten years. And the fact that these guys have dominated the football scene for so long has made us forget other football greats. It’s as though their skills casted a shadow over great players like Neymar, Hazard and Suarez just to mention a few. Now no one is saying the duo of Messi and Ronaldo are not great, but the Harry Kane’s recent feat of breaking Alan Shearer’s goal scoring record, kind of shocked me back into reality. So here I am doing a post about the highest goal scorers in the English Premier League.

Teddy Sheringham- 146 Goals, 418 Appearances

Teddy Sheringham is an English man and as most English men are wont to do, he started his football playing career in England in Millwall.  In his about 24 years of professional football playing he featured 418 times scoring 146 goals in the process at the rate of 0.35 per game. Sheringham played in Nottingham Forests, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Portsmouth and eventually West Ham United. The trophies he has won include three EPL titles, one FA Cup, One UEFA Cup amongst others.

Les Ferdinand -149 Goals, 351 Appearances

This English man is number 9 on our list of top highest goals scorers on all-time in the EPL. Having scored 149 in his 351 appearances for his club, Ferdinand has a goal rate of 0.42. The 51-year-old started his football career in AEL. Then he would go on to join Queens Park Rangers at age 20, then play for New Castle United, Tottenham, West Ham, Leicester City and Bolton Wanderers. Ferdinand is currently a coach at Queens Park Rangers.

Michael Owen – 150 Goals, 362 Appearances

This English marksman rose to popularity when he scored his first world cup goal at the age of 18. Becoming the youngest English player at the world cup and also the youngest English Player to score at the world cup.  Owen brought so much skill and flair to English football. However, his fantastic goal-scoring spell didn’t realize its full potentials due to incessant injuries. However that all still goes to re-assert his goal-scoring ability. Even though he was out for many times due to injuries he was able to score 150 goals in 362 appearances. He played for the following EPL clubs Liverpool, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City.

Jermain Defoe – 161 Goals, 484 Appearances

Defoe at 35 is still an active footballer, both for his club side AFC Bournemouth and for his country England. He started his football career in Charlton Athletic at the tender age of 14, and by 2004 he would join Tottenham Hotspur, where he’ll score his highest number of goals at a single club. Defoe has played for West Ham, Bournemouth, Toronto FC and Sunderland. Jermain Defoe is the 8th highest goal scorer on our list with 161 goals in 484 appearances. And he also holds the record for the second fastest hat trick in EPL history.

Henry and other top scorers

Robbie Fowler – 163 Goals, 379 Appearances

Not many people have earned the name god for their goal-scoring prowess. For the few who have Fowler is one of them. This Liverpool legend scored the above number of goals in 379 matches. Apart from playing in Liverpool where he began his professional career, he also played in Leeds and Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers and he finally ended his playing career in Muangthong United.

 Thierry Henry 175 Goals, 258 Appearances

Nicknamed “Igwe” by Arsenal fans in Nigeria, Thierry Henry lived up to that name. Igwe is the title for a ruler in the Igbo dialect spoken in South Eastern Nigeria. This Arsenal legend is the only foreigner to be on the top ten list of EPL goal scorers.  And at the moment he has shown interest in being the Chief Tactician at the Emirates. However he has said he will not push for it, neither will he lobby for it. He will only go if he is invited due to the love he has for his former coach, the embattled Arsene Wenger. The French man have one of the fewest caps amongst the top ten EPL goal scorers, with a strike rate of 0.68 he was truly lethal in front of goal and he won many a matched for Arsenal. Also he is the highest goal scorer for France.

Frank Lampard 177 goals, 609 Appearances

The history of Chelsea Football Club will not be complete if the man’s name is not mentioned. Lampard started his football at West Ham United, then he came to Chelsea in 2001, where he spent most of his footballing years. He played in Manchester City for one season and New York City FC for one season before retiring with 609 caps for his club. He is Chelsea’s all-time highest goalscorer, winning one UEFA league title and also one Europa league title amongst many other awards.

Andy Cole 187 Goals, 414 Appearances

Known for scoring hat tricks, Cole started his football Arsenal, however, he did not make much impact as a forward until he got to Newcastle. Whom he later helped get promoted into the EPL from division one and then he would help them get into the third position on the table as they qualified for the UEFA champions league. This he did while netting 34 goals in 40 matches, and also scoring New Castles first Premier League goal.

Wayne Rooney 208 goals, 484 Appearances

Wayne Rooney started his professional footballing career in Everton before leaving for Manchester United. Where he’ll spend about 13 years winning all trophies that can be won by a European club except European Super Cup. In the process becoming the highest goal scorer for both Manchester United and England and also becoming the second player to go past the 200 goal mark in EPL. Wayne Rooney is at Everton at the moment, he joined the club in 2017.

Alan Shearer 260 goals, 441 Appearances

The history of English football, EPL and Newcastle United will never be complete without the mention of the man Alan Shearer. He became the first EPL player to score 200 goals, the first and only player to score a 100 goals for two clubs and also the player to take the shortest number o matches to score a hundred goals. He played for South Hampton, Black burn Rovers and New Castle, where he retired as a legend.

So here they are, the best goal scoring machines the English premier league ever produced. They are all English men except for Thierry Henry. Now the question on everyone’s lips is this, will Wayne Rooney be able to equal Shearer’s record? How about Harry Kane, will he be able to get on this list in future? only time will tell.

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