A Madea Family Funeral: Latest Movie

There are movies but there are extraordinary and exceptional movies. As a matter of fact, if a piece is written and directed by Tyler Perry, one can be rest assured it would be amazing. No doubt, the long-awaited Tyler Perrys movie A Madea Family funeral would for sure wow the audience as it is scheduled to be released today 1st of March, 2019.

The Storyline of A Madea Family Funeral

The two-hour-long comedic relief centers on a family reunion. As usual, Medea, the matriarch of the family is the center of attention as she and her crew travel to attend a funeral service in the backwoods. No doubt, this movie will contain lots of suspense-filled scenes. Mind you, the movie is rated PG-13 and parental guidance is required.

The Cast of A Madea Family Funeral

This American comedy was directed by Tyler Perry. And starring in this movie, we have Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely, Ciera Payton, K J Smith, Rome Flynn and a host of others

Where to Watch this Movie

It is currently showing in the Cinemas across Nigeria.

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