A Prosperous Africa Is A Greater Prosperity to The World, Buhari Tells UNGA

  • Buhari seeks help for Africa fro world leaders.
  • Thanks UNGA for electing Bande as it 74th President.

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that prosperous Africa will mean greater prosperity for the rest of the world.

Buhari stated this during his address to the world leaders on Tuesday during his speech at 74th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York, the United States.

While calling for a strong action against xenophobia, racism, and abject poverty, President Buhari also expressed concern about climate change which forced thousands to protest across the world, as well as terrorism and other forms of threat to life.

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Buhari who was the fifth speaker after his counterparts in Brazil, the United States, Egypt, and Turkey, mounted the podium lauded the General Assembly for the honour bestowed on his administration and people of Nigeria by electing Tijjani Muhammad-Bande as the President of the 74th Session.

“This is indeed a great honour to our country! Nigerians are truly grateful and shall endeavour to live up to the expectations and responsibilities thrust upon us.

“Ambassador Muhammad-Bande is an experienced and seasoned diplomat and I am confident that he will prove to the International Community his suitability for this most demanding assignment.”

Speaking on the theme of the current General Assembly which is: “Galvanising multilateral efforts for poverty eradication, quality education, climate action and inclusion”, Buhari said they are prime areas calling for collective action which will benefit national and global interests.

He also noted that the world is at a critical juncture as this year marks the first anniversary of the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace.

“This year also marks the 100 years of the founding of the League of Nations, leading eventually to the establishment of the United Nations as part of the post-World War II international order.

“Article 1(4) of the UN Charter called for “harmonising the actions of nations in the attainment of common ends”. These common ends include: “International peace & security; Prosperity & social justice; Respect for human dignity; and Protection of the environment.

“Multilateralism symbolised by the UN system, has brought immense benefits to the people of the world. It has saved lives, prevented wars, restored peace and stability as well as generated economic and social progress in many countries.”

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He pointed that the world leaders must admit that as the world grows richer, there are regrettable signals in the World Economic and Political Order. Millions in Africa and around the world remain in abject poverty.

“Furthermore, we are witnessing a backlash against multilateralism in the shape of rising tide of racism, xenophobia, resurgent nationalism, populism and tendencies towards protectionism and unilateralism. The pristine principles of the United Nations appear threatened.

“On cessation of hostilities after World War II,the United States in one of the greatest selfless undertakings in history, decided to revive Europe through the Marshall Plan & uplift and restore Japan economically. This generous policy catalysed a great economic revival globally.

“This action of the United States not only benefitted Europe and Japan but the United States as well through vastly improved trade and cross investments.

“The United States and Europe have become friends and allies since the end of the war. The United States and Japan have also become friends and allies. This example can be replicated with respect to Africa.”

He further stated that a developed Africa will not be antagonistic to industrialised countries but will become friends and partners in prosperity, security, and development.

“A prosperous Africa will mean greater prosperity for the rest of the world. A poor Africa will be a drag on the rest of the world. Is this what the international community wants?

“A coordinated multilateral effort should be set in motion to utilise and maximise the use of the enormous resources on the African continent for the benefit of all nations. Investing partners will be able to recoup their investments manifold over time.

“Current attempts to help develop Africa by industrial countries are un-coordinated and plainly incremental. We have the skills, the manpower and the natural resources, but in many instances, we lack the capital – hence my plea for industrial countries to take a long-term view of Africa. We request you to come and partner with us to develop the continent for the benefit of all.

“Africa charges you with the singular task of initiating the effort we are calling for. The United Nations has in place processes for promoting collective action to combat global threats. No threat is more potent than poverty and exclusion. “

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