AAC Condemns SARS for the death of Kolade Johnson and demands its immediate overhaul

— The African Action Congress (AAC) has condemned SARS for the killing of Kolade Johnson, a young Nigerian who died after he was hit by two stray bullets from operatives of the Anti-Cultism unit of the Nigerian Police Force.

— The group has also demanded the immediate overhaul of the SARS and their return to the Police barracks. 

Johnson’s killing, which happened on Sunday, has sparked outrage, with Ogunyemi Olalekan and Godwin Orji, two policemen attached to the Anti-Cultism Unit of the Force, currently under investigation for the crime.

AAC condemned the police force for becoming “notorious for brutalising and killing young Nigerians” for such reasons as their brand of phones or hairstyles.

In a statement released on Wednesday by Towolawi Jamiu, Deputy Chairman of AAC Lagos Chapter, called for a total overhaul of all such units in the Force, including the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).


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According to the statement: “Our party condemns in strong terms the brutality and extrajudicial killings of young Nigerian should Nigerian should by the Nigeria Police Force under the guise of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (F-SARS) and Special Anti-Cultism Squad (SACS), which has led to the latest senseless killing of Kolade Johnson by a stray bullet while watching a live football match on Sunday, 31st March, 2019, in Lagos.

“Before this incident, the Police have become more notorious for brutalising and killings of young Nigerians on the grounds of colour of clothes, the kind of hairstyle and most importantly, the kind of phones they use. It is on this note the African Action Congress (AAC) has condemned in its entirety the brutalisation and oppression of young Nigerians in their own country and will not hesitate to fight alongside the oppressed masses to put an end to this criminal act.

“Furthermore, there has been a lot of public outcry by Nigerians on social media to #EndSARS in which the African Action Congress (AAC) is in full support. We also call on the Nigeria Police to conduct a proper investigation and bring these criminals to book before the general public. It is no longer news that SARS, SACS and other special units have become notorious for extrajudicial killings, torture, extortion and violation of human rights and we will no longer accept the brutality being unleashed on young Nigerians.

“SARS, SACS and other special units are Police units created to protect the lives and property of Nigerians and not to oppress, extort, brutalise and violate their human rights. Under the Buhari-led APC administration, more than 20,000 Nigerians have been killed either through terrorism or police extrajudicial killings and we don’t know who will be next due to high level of insecurity.”

“We call on Nigerians to form an alliance with the AAC, as it is the only political party that offers an alternative and can solve Nigeria’s insecurity problem.”

The party listed its demands on the overhaul to include “the immediate return of SARS to the Police barracks, mass youth employment, an end to police brutality, and an end to party oppression”.

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