Actress Victoria Inyama Advises Women On How To Leave Toxic Relationships

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama in a new post on Instagram had advised people on how to leave toxic and violent marriage.

The actress who in a recent interview talked about the inhumane and terrible treatment her ex husband subjected her too admitted it was hard to leave and based on her experience shared some tips.

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She wrote;

“Leaving a Toxic marriage/relationship is Hard; I personally couldn’t leave cause l had lost myself in the marriage beguiled by religion & culture ??‍♀️ Leaving is not automatic, here are some tips based on my life experiences;

? Find a reliable friend to confide in ( don’t be like me, l was confiding in one of his sides?.

? Get specialist support, you can pop into a local charity ‘drop in’ center. Searching online can be risky cause your partner can track your online searches…

? Keep a record of events, abusive incidents, evidence of your Partner’s behaviour safely, Time, dates, names & how you felt, record then transfer to a USB stick & keep safe.

? Know your civil & legal rights!! ( don’t be bamboozled like l was)

❤ Financial Independence…. save, put money away if possible. It’s hard cause l know that well.

“Make/ have copies of passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates. You can keep these outside the house, maybe a neighbour or trusted friend.

?PLEASE DIAL 999, ALWAYS CALL THE POLICE ( Don’t be like me always calling Pastors ?)…Also teach your children how to call 999….. or call 101 to report Non emergency.”

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