Adekunle Gold Writes Emotional Letter About His Career Lately

Nigerian musician, Adekunle Gold wrote a heartfelt letter explaining his career lately and how he’s been away on tour for the longest period in his life.

The singer also disclosed how much he loves making music and how he gets frustrated when he doesn’t get as much validation as the effort he puts.

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“It’s been like what? 2 months? since my last letter? How are you? Hope you are keeping sane and taking breaks off the crazy timeline?

“I was away from home on tour for the longest time in my life on tour. I’m not going to lie to you, this “Africa to the rest of the world” is not a cheap exercise, especially if you are an independent artist. And while there is great reward in coursing uncharted territory for me and watching my music cut through language barriers and put smiles on unfamiliar faces in the world, being up there was hard work.

“I toured 4 countries, played large festivals and headlined my own shows, all of which I didn’t think was possible just a few years ago. I never went to boarding school but, I now know what homesickness is. It’s good to be back home.

“While chatting with my best friend yesterday, I had an epiphany I wanted to share with you.

“I love this music thing so much.

“My team is very tiny and I work really hard I actually have a terrible sleeping habit. I’m always on and I don’t know how to take breaks. Because of how much energy I expend, Sometimes, I get frustrated when the progression or validation does not match the amount of work I put in.

“This frustration causes me great despair sometimes, but I’ve been fortunate to be around people who ground and remind me of the love I have for it especially when I get carried away in the business of things.

“At the beginning of my conversation yesterday, my biggest fear was failing miserably and that all my work would count for nothing. But I was reminded of these facts; music-making is only one-sided if you are making it for yourself, in this business, you hold a key, the audience is a lock.

“It’s a game of probabilities where half of our successes are within our control, the rest is up to you. We can only hope that our keys match the locks and the audience likes what you put out while being true to your evolution. We can only hope that our work meets you at a point of your need.

“Here’s the epiphany…on the days when your keys don’t match, you must remember to retain the love and joy of creating and pat yourself on the back for the doors you’ve already unlocked. On the days new doors open, be thankful that you tried because that was the reward for trying.

“As I wind down to bed, you know what my biggest fear is now, leaving this earth, full of creativity and ideas because I was afraid someone wouldn’t like it and I ended up not working my gifts. What a shame that would be.

“Not sure what you are passionate about Adedayo, my prayer for you this early morning is that the modalities of it don’t rob you of the joy of creation. May that joy keeps your fire burning, give you the diligence and the wherewithal to finish what you’ve started.

“I have a little something I’m joyful about.

“It’s called “AFRO POP”.

“If you read through this email, then you have a super high chance of getting invited to hear my baby first.

“Anyways that’s my little update.

“Have an incredible week.


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