After Announcing His “Death”, SkyB Reveals It’s A Rumour

Nigerian rapper, SkyB was reported dead yesterday. Reports said he suffered a heart attack and gave up at the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, Imo State.

However, it look like it was a stunt as the rapper has made a post to announce he is alive. He said the rumour about his death started after he played a role in a movie where he died.

The rapper said he was sick yesterday and was taken to hospital and when he came out, he saw news that he was dead.

Read His Post Below:

“The rumor about my death started after acting a movie last week in Owerri, I died in the movie not in real life. The main one that hit the net was the one that happened yesterday around 2:30am I had an emergency which I was taken to the hospital.

“I called a few friends to pray for me and I updated on my status that I was critically ill and needed prayers only for me to come out after hours of taking drip to hear about my death rumor everywhere. I was shocked at first but, now I thank God today that I didn’t die and I can’t die and please let no one post anything about my death.

“Please I beg you to post about my music not about my death. I apologize to everyone who was hurt and to people who cared about me and also I apologize to my greatest fans home and abroad who called tirelessly and messaged to get facts. Please SkyB is strong now and ready to perform anywhere on any stage and dropping new songs too. I’m back fully with earth and water.”

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