Air Peace: 6-hour flight delay leads to protest at Ghana Airport

  • Passengers were served with meat pies, soft drinks and water.
  • No information on the reason for the delay.

A 6-hour delay of an Air Peace Flight in Kotoka Airport, Ghana on Friday, led to a protest from the passengers who were irritated after the airline postponed the trip three times.

In an interview with The Punch, a reverend sister, Martha Attakruh, said that her flight was for 3:20 pm but as at 8:55 pm she still awaited her flight.

“My flight was for 3:20 pm but they later changed it to 5 pm. When it was 5 pm they announced that the flight had been delayed to 8 pm. At 8 pm we were told to wait for another hour. It is getting late.”

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Another passenger, Doyin Adetula, who said her flight was meant to be at 3:20 pm but it has been postponed three times lamented that the airline had delayed the passengers for over five hours and they were only offered meat pie, a bottled of water and a bottle of soft drink.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, Another lady said that the delay has caused her high blood pressure.

“This delay has caused serious issues on my health. The incessant delay has caused me a high blood pressure,” she simply said.

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In an attempt to get information about the cause of the delay from the airline, its workers had no information to share with the aggrieved customers.

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