Ali Baba Addresses Women Who Make The Fathers Of Their Children Look Like Monsters

Comedian Ali Baba has some words of advice for women who have issues with the fathers of their children.

He addressed that fathers should not be blocked from being a father to their children because they messed up with the mother.

Having issues with the father of your children, he explained in a long post, shouldn’t make you paint him as a monster for your child.

He uploaded the picture above on his Instagram page and wrote a caption that reads thus:

‘Very often, you will see ladies who make the fathers of their children look like monsters. The said father may be the best father the child ever wished for, but, the mothers’ hurt will not let the fathers have the opportunity to show the child that love.

“Many years ago, a certain wife of a Nigerian career diplomat, posted to East Africa, had a messy and sour marriage. It was a very popular case.

“The woman resorted to making sure she flung all kinds of dirt at the Diplomat. She even asked the Nigerian Government to recall him and dismiss him. While she was all out to ruin him.

“She forgot that her children were depending on their father’s support to make a headway in life. The Solomonic dilemma came to play again. If I can’t have him, then let me mess his career up. 

“The truth is that if you think about it, the only time it’s ok, to deny the father of your child access to the child and by so doing, denying the father an opportunity to play a role in the child’s life, BECAUSE YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH THE FATHER, you are using your reggae to spoil the child’s blues.

“No one stops you from being upset. And in deed, no one can stop you from venting. But if in the process of doing that vexing, don’t let that mess up the relationship the child will have with the father. 

“In summary, If you know you cannot give the child or children, the kind of life they deserve, and you know the father can give them, all they need, don’t block their access to him. But if you can do better than him, ignore the guy and move on. 

“Don’t give yourself unnecessary pressure. If the father has and can give, don’t block him from being the father. You can do more with all the assistance. Even if you are Oprah Winfrey.”  

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