Alita Battle Angel

Here comes a post-apocalyptic movie that speaks of redemption and hope. Set against the backdrop of a cut-throat society, we get a glimpse into the struggles of the protagonist trying to meld the past with the present. No doubt, this masterpiece from James Cameron the award-winning director of Avatar, is set to dazzle our screens. And as a matter of fact, Alita is a must watch for all.

The Storyline of Alita

Dr. Dyson Ido, a cyborg scientist discovered the protagonist, a 300-year-old dismembered body of the cyborg with a fully intact human brain. However, he sets out to restore her by giving her a new body and a new name; in memory of his deceased daughter. Alita set out to discover her path when she came across a new friend, Hugo. This set her on a journey of self-discovery and consequently, redemption.

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The Cast of Alita

This movie stars Rosa Slazer, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali,  Ed Skrein, Jackie  Earle Haley, Keean Johnson Lana Condor, and quite a number of other talented actors.

Where to Watch This Movie

Visit Fox movies to watch the trailer

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