All Arrivals to Self-isolate for 14 Days in Australia to Contain Spread of Coronavirus

In a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus, Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison has ordered a 14-day self-isolation for anyone arriving in the country.

The move made to try halting the spread of the coronavirus, will not affect domestic flights.

Speaking at a press briefing following a cabinet meeting on the coronavirus crisis, Morrison said that this is important, adding that the measure would take effect from midnight on Sunday (13:00 GMT).

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According to reports, the measures mirror those announced by New Zealand on Saturday and foreign cruise liners will also be banned from docking in Australia for 30 days, while schools will remain open.

Presently, Australia has nearly 250 confirmed cases, with three deaths.

“This is very important, what we’ve seen in recent weeks is more countries having issues with the virus and that means the source of some of those transmissions are coming from more and more countries,” he said at the briefing in Sydney.

“We know that the virus cannot be absolutely stopped – no-one can do that – but we can slow the spread.

“And we anticipate that will be our task over the next six months.”

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The PM further said the cabinet would meet again on Tuesday to discuss possible further measures and urged people to practise more “social distancing”, including not shaking hands.

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