All Residents in Paris Must Use Face Masks…. This Is Why

Due to the soaring nature of COVID-19 in France, face masks will become compulsory throughout Paris.

This following the emergence of the city as a hotbed of coronavirus contagion.

According to the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, the masks which were already compulsory on public transport and in enclosed spaces. But it will now be mandatory in all public places across the city.

Although the date that this will come into force has not been give, Castex said the move is necessary to curb a new wave of infection that has its epicenter in Paris and the Ile-de-France region.

France had recorded 5,429 new cases on Wednesday , which is the country’s highest daily total since March, and the third-largest since the pandemic began.

This has move France’s R number to 1.4, well above the crucial 1 figure needed to keep the curve of infection level.

Castex told a press conference on Thursday that there was an ‘undeniable resurgence’ of the Covid-19 epidemic throughout France, adding that the ‘positivity rate’ has risen from one percent in May to 3.7 percent today.

In turn that has increased the R figure – or replication number – of the virus to 1.4 nationwide, meaning ten infected people are infecting 14 others on average.

According to the prime minister, over 800 coronavirus patients are being admitted to hospital every week on average, which has gone up from 500 six weeks ago.

“The epidemic is gaining territory, and now is the time to intervene.

“The government would do everything in its power to avoid issuing new, nationwide stay-at-home orders, the premier added.

He also said that the possibility could not be excluded entirely and localized confinements may be on the cards.

Paris has now followed the path of Toulouse in imposing laws making masks compulsory. Toulouse, which is France’s fourth-largest city brought in the same measure on Friday last week.

Officials fear that a mass movement of people as the summer break draws to a close will lead to a spike in infections. So, they will have to wear masks in all enclosed workspaces from next month, including in corridors and lobbies.

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