Allegations Against Dokubo Stage-managed – Presidential Amnesty Office

The office of the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta/Coordinator (OSAPND) of the Presidential Amnesty Programme has denied allegations on social media that billions of naira were stolen at the agency through the award of contracts.

A statement from the OSAPND media team says the office is aware of several sponsored groups who have made several efforts, in their follow-up blackmail, at maligning the good reputations of Prof. Charles Dokubo, the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta, and the OSAPND family.

While expressing its gratitude to all stakeholders in the Niger Delta; especially the Traditional rulers, stakeholders of the various phases of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, all Niger Deltans home and abroad for their valuable contributions, relentless support and sacrifices in sustaining the much-needed peace in the Niger Delta, OSAPND said, it said the falsehood and organized blackmail has always found its eloquence in the social media and ‘stage-managed protests.

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It, therefore, urged all Niger Deltans to condemn such acts as they are a disservice and unnecessary distraction to the sacrificial efforts been made for sustainable peace and development in the Niger Delta.

“The dimensions of these protests, the unguided provocations they present on the sensibility of all the peace-loving people of Niger Delta and the general implication on the hard-earned peace can only call for scrutiny.

“Ordinarily the office would have chosen to ignore such falsehood and sponsored attempt at misinforming and misleading the public but for the sake of posterity we hereby make the records straight: “Firstly they claimed in a publication that a fictitious contract worth N3.2 billion was awarded to Innotek Royal Services Limited and Glassfa Continental Limited and the said companies have been paid, the proceed of which is used to settle high ranking officials of the government etc.

“It is imperative to state here that as much as the above-mentioned companies have the right to initiates contractual processes and benefits same if deemed qualified as may be the case in the above, the said companies are yet to receive a dime from the presidential amnesty office. Therefore, there couldn’t have been any money given as proceeds.

It also stated that the allegations relating to how the Presidential Amnesty Office conduct its business only betray their lack of knowledge as to how better the office is designed to function.

“That the coordinator Prof. Charles Dokubo was nominated by the National Security Adviser in whose hands he enjoys political protection despite these allegations. Prof. Charles Dokubo was never a nominee of the NSA but rather was appointed by His Excellency President Muhamadu Buhari on merit, therefore, his detractors could do better showcasing their integrity instead of blackmail and propaganda.”

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