Ambrose Alli University ASUU Chairman Suspended Over Alleged Sex-For-Marks Scandal

The team management of the Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma in Edo state, has concluded to suspend the Chairman of ASUU branch of the AAU identified as Dr Monday Igbafen over alleged gross misconduct bordering on sexual harassment and threats of sex for marks in the University.

iDONSABI reports that Monday Igbafen’s suspension order can be found in the University’s News Bulletin, which dated on Wednesday,13th February and signed by the Deputy Registrar information/Public Relations Officer identified as Edward Aihevba.

The title for that particular news story read “Suspension of Dr. M.L. Ugandan, associate professor in the department of philosophy.”

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Some part of the statement can be found below:

“The university community is hereby informed that Dr. M. L. Igbafen, Associate Professor in the department of philosophy, has been suspended from duty, following his arraignment before the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee (SSDC) on allegation of gross misconduct bordering on sexual harassment and threats of marks for sex.

He had earlier been accused of this offence and an investigative panel set up, which found him culpable and indicted. Recently, there was petition by the family of the female student involved, asking that Dr. M. L. Igbafen be brought to book, failing which the university management would be reported to ICPC for failure to act.

On receipt of the petition, the University management asked for his comments. His response was found unsatisfactory. He was therefore arraigned before the senior staff disciplinary committee (SSDC)…As due process demands, he has been suspended from the university, pending the determination of the allegation leveled against him.

He is therefore not allowed to participate or be involved in any university duties, activities or functions, except those related to senior staff disciplinary committee (SSDC) during the period of suspension”.

However, while Igbafen responded to the allegation levelled against him, he made it clear that he was being framed by the school management in order for them to get rid of him.

The Suspended Igbafen said:

“If you have been monitoring development in AAU, Ekpoma, you will not be surprised that a paper like that is coming from the university administration. It is the climax of a desperate Vice Chancellor who has so many things to hide, which we will bring to the press. We have been battling the Vice Chancellor who wants to impose himself to the University. I am doing my job as ASUU Chairman, there have been several attempts to compromise me, but I refused, and when they discovered that they are unable to compromise me, the next thing is to resort to blackmail.

Ask the Vice Chancellor, when did this issue of sexual harassment happened. The issue at stake is an attempt to cow the ASUU Chairman. We will address a world press conference to address the issue.”

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