Amotekun Is A Preventive Measure Towards Resolving Insecurity Problems – Shina Peller

Member of the House of Representatives, Shina Peller, has said the initiation of Operation Amotekun is part of the preventive measures of tackling insecurity.

The lawmaker stated this via his Twitter handle in response to a user,@Nigerian_Leader. He noted that the kind of outfit sought by people is not what was established, adding that allowing them to carry guns unlike Hisbah in Northern Nigeria.

“The obligation of Amotekun is to provide first-hand information that could help tackle crime. Information is the main factor in any operation. This is a preventive measure towards resolving our insecurity problems other than focusing on corrective measures,” Peller replied.

While noting that the mode of operation of the outfit has not been revealed, he said the federal government that has declared it illegal would need to have a rethink.

“I believe that the modus operandi guiding Amotekun would be released soon. We shouldn’t throw away good initiatives because we are scared to try it out. The F.G will have to rethink its stance on Amotekun. Protection of citizens’ lives and property is paramount,” he added.

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