Andy Robertson Talks Tough | Reveals Plans To Stop Messi

Liverpool’s left-back, Andy Robertson is said to have revealed his plan to stop Lionel Messi ahead of his side’s Champions League encounter with Barcelona.

By virtue of position, the Scot and PFA’s best left-back in the league is likely to directly face the Argentine talisman in the last four of their Champions League tie.

He revealed that the Reds will defend as a unit to handicap Messi who has been highly prolific and fruitful in front of goal this term.

Messi now has eyes for the most coveted European title – the Champions league – and Liverpool must be at their very best to prevent the Argentine from laying his hands on that title.

Robertson has said that to keep Messi in check, the defence must work as a unit as he cannot be defended against by just one man.

I don’t think you have to prepared differently from any other game. Of course, you are playing against a better player than you usually would…he’s the best player in the world,” he said.

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He however argues that his side needed to be wary of Messi’s drifting plays.

“But I think we all need to be prepared because he drifts all over the pitch.

“You watch him, and sometimes he’s back in the centre-half spot, picking up the ball from deep and things like that, so he’ll start on the right but I’m prepared for him not to stay out there. But I know he’ll be in the running at us at times, and it’s all about how we defend it”

He also mentioned that Barcelona also boast a host of other dreadful players in their ranks who could step up and cause some real damage in the case where Lionel Messi is marked out.

He insists that it was about keeping the whole team at bay and quiet rather than focusing all the energy on only one man.

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