35 Best Jumpsuit Styles for Any Occasion

Jumpsuits are one of the trademarks of modern fashion. The moment jumpsuits became popular among fashionistas, it transformed from just plain, boring designs to statement, regal and even hippie styles. This gorgeous dress style combines all the goodness of a pair of top and trousers to form a gorgeous silhouette. Despite the popularity of this fashion style, many are still unaware of what it is!

What is a Jumpsuit?

“A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment with sleeves and legs and typically without integral coverings for feet, hands or head. The original jump suit is the functional one-piece garment used by parachuters.” (Wikipedia) So yes, the modern jumpsuit as we know it today was a garment used for parachuting. It would be amazing to know exactly how this piece of garment evolved to the level it is now but not today.

Today, we bring you the African version of modern jumpsuits styles!

ankara jumpsuit

We kick it off with this absolutely gorgeous ankara and net jumpsuit combo. The style icon takes a step further by pairing it with a beret.


How gorgeous is this one fabric ankara jumpsuit! The side tail takes the jumpsuit to a whole new level.


Traditionally, most jumpsuits are usually loose fitting but this tight fitting ankara jumpsuit with puffy sleeves is perfect for accentuating your lady curves.

classic jumpsuit

A massive bow never looked so good on a dress. This ankara and plain jumpsuit style is red carpet worthy.

satin jumpsuit

If you’re looking for a more bohemian style, this sea green jumpsuit is just perfect.

jumpsuit asoebi

This red jumpsuit made with ruffled and plain fabric is simply goals.

jumpsuit bridesmaid

Another stunning jumpsuit finished off with a beautiful bow.

glam jumpsuit

We think this old school looking jumpsuit just speaks for itself. Look at the ruffles on that neckline!

Jump suit

Ruffled sleeves made with organza combo is a huge trend in the African fashion industry. It looks great on jumpsuits.

jump suit with hoodie

Ok, tell me this hoodie jumpsuit isn’t the most chic jumpsuit you’ve ever seen!

jump suit

There is no African fashion without off-the-shoulder design. This oxblood jumpsuit is absolutely gorgeous.

ankara top and trouser

Who would have thought that peplum and jumpsuit design would form the perfect merger?!

jumpsuit ankara

Another beautiful ankara jumpsuit with side ruffles. The tie sleeves makes it so unique.

ankara jumpsuit

This simple ankara jumpsuit is just perfect for people who want to look great in jumpsuits without drama. 🙂

ankara jumpsuit

Look the cut on the neckline of that jumpsuit. Classic red ankara jumpsuit perfect for any occasion.

ankara jumpsuit

This ankara jumpsuit is screaming “wear me!”. The collar and cuffs takes this jumpsuit to a whole new level.

ankara jumpsuit

Another bohemian styled jumpsuit to steal the show. This wide legged jumpsuit would be perfect for tall gals.

print jumpsuit

Like this dress, the ankara fabric you choose for your jumpsuit style could make all the difference.

jumpsuit 2020

This yellow and blue ankara jumpsuit screams “Confident woman!” The one shoulder design is just lit!


Unique sleeveless ankara jumpsuit with bold ankara pattern.

white jumpsuit

White and a touch of gold is always a beautiful colour combo. This lace and plain mix jumpsuit would be perfect for a wedding. You could use a different neckline design if you aren’t comfortable with the plunging neckline.

ankara jumpsuit

This cape ankara jumpsuit is just perfect for a play date or a night out with the girls.


strapless jumpsuit

If you’re a lover of strapless designs, you’d love this simple, strapless Ankara jumpsuit.


This casual, sleeveless ankara jumpsuit is perfect for days you want to look effortlessly stylish.


Another stunning jumpsuit to make a statement. This off-the-shoulder neckline has a slit in the middle that makes it flirty without going over the top.

unique jumpsuit

Beautiful one shoulder purple jumpsuit to rock to any event.


Gold and black colour combo is a winner any day! Just look at how stunning this sleeveless jumpsuit is! The fabric and colour combo definitely takes it to a whole new level.


This colourful jumpsuit set would be perfect for anyone looking for a fun bridesmaid dress ideas.

satin jumpsuit

Just when you thought jumpsuit were only made with study fabrics, bam! Silk or satin jumpsuits come and blow you away.


Get that school girl look with this wide leg, cinched waist jumpsuit.

green jumpsuit

Another absurdly stunning silk jumpsuit design. How gorgeous is this?!

lace jumpsuit

Burnt orange lace and plain jumpsuit finished up with a befitting gele.


How sexy is this sheer fabric jumpsuit. And in white!

jumpsuit for girls

Awwwwwwww…off the shoulder jumpsuit for your baby girl. The gathered cape neckline makes it practical for emergencies.

ankara and plain jumpsuit

This jumpsuit combines the traditional plain jumpsuit with a front facing patterned fabric for a unique look.


We finish off with this fret pattern and plain jumpsuit. This unique jumpsuit will get you lots of inquiries and some envy from other gals.

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