Anti-Igbo threat: I’ll submit myself if declared wanted, says Yerima

On Tuesday 28th June, 2017, Shettima Yerima, the leader of the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, who was among the youths who issued a notice to the Igbo to quit the 19 northern states, said he would submit himself for questioning if declared wanted.

Shettima stated that he was not on the run and had nothing to fear because he only declared his views as a Nigerian. He said this in response to the allegations that he had gone to take refuge in the Republic of Chad.

It can be recalled that Arewa youths had given a three-month ultimatum to Igbo people living in the 19 states in the North to leave the region or be forced out by October 1, 2017. They did this after their meeting in Kaduna some days ago.

Those who endorsed the resolution apart from Yerima, were Aminu Adam (Arewa Youth Development Foundation); Nastura Sharif (Arewa Citizens Action for Change); Abdul-Azeez Suleiman (Northern Emancipation Network)Alfred Solomon (Arewa Students Forum); as well as Joshua Viashman (Northern Youth Vanguard).

While speaking to men of the press, Yerima said, “I did not go into hiding and will never go into hiding. We need to put the record straight. For now, nobody is looking for me and I am ready to submit myself if I am called. I am not a joker. Nobody is looking for me and I am not hiding anywhere from anybody. I am in my village, I am a Nigerian. If anybody looks for me, I will submit myself. I am not above the law. I am not on the run.”

Yerima insisted that the Igbo should leave Nigeria, while insisting that he would not go into hiding. These were his exact word: “Why should I go into hiding? I have a name, I have a face. I am not faceless. I am not hiding anywhere. Why should I hide? Where did I go wrong? Somebody wants to go and I said, ‘go, you’re free to go’. What is wrong about it?”

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