Apostle Suleman discloses ‘a man found out two of his five children belong to his family Doctor’

Apostle Suleman writes about a man who found out his family Doctor father two of his five Children

Popular Nigerian cleric, Apostle Suleman in a statement revealed how a man got the shock of his life when he found out that his five children are not entirely his.

The clergy revealed that the secret leaked to the man and he discovered that his family doctor had a secret affairs with his wife and as such fathered two out of his five children.

Apostle Suleman hinted that the man has grown to love this kids but the continual pain in his heart has made him cry out and try to send the kids away.

The Clergy wrote on Twitter, “There are people that have inspired you so much that you see them in almost everything you do even in their absence..while some have so hurt you that you hate to see them in anything you even in their presence..”

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