Atiku Abubakar list out 10 plans to get Nigeria working

–  Former Vice Pres. Atiku Abubakar has listed 10 plans his government would put in place to get Nigeria working again

– Atiku Abubakar was in Lagos State today to list out his vision for the country

Former Vice President and Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Atiku Abubakar was in Lagos State today, the Lagos Island club to be specific, where he listed out his master plan if he becomes the country’s president after the 2019 Presidential Election.

Below are the plans from bottom to the top

10. We shall, through constitutional means, achieve a new political structure that guarantees freedoms and ensure government accountability at all levels.
9. We will build strong and efficient service delivery institutions for more effective co-ordination of government policies and for effective support to the development of a dynamic and internationally competitive private sector.
8. We will improve liquidity by undertaking fiscal restructuring and improving the management of our fiscal resources.
7. We will create an Economic Stimulus Fund with an initial investment capacity of approximately US$25 billion to support private sector investments in infrastructure. Power sector reform will be a critical policy priority.
6. We will create jobs by growing the economy and promoting innovative flagship job creation programmes such as: The National Open Apprenticeship Programme. 
5. We will prioritize Human Capital Development. Our philosophy is that people are the fundamental reason for economic growth.
4. We will assist the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to grow bigger and to be more productive. As we all know, small businesses offer the greatest opportunities for achieving inclusive pro-poor growth, through increased self-employment
3. We will liberalise the economic space and privatise all ailing enterprises. In particular, the #TheAtikuPlan will undertake a de-regulation of the downstream sector of the economy, review the PIB and privatise all four State refineries.
2. We will support the private sector by undertaking reforms to unleash its growth potential and to play a key role in the economy.
1. We will restore investor confidence on the Nigerian economy

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